The Future of UK’s Cocktail Scene

The art of mixology has seen tremendous advancement over the last decade or so, resulting in many more drinking choices than ever before. Now, it is less likely that you will be satisfied with a simple vodka tonic or rum and coke.

A skilled bartender can whip up fresh, tasty, and unique cocktails that will make your restaurant or bar visit a most magical and inspiring experience. With the cocktail scene constantly evolving and new creations emerging from time to time, you will never run out of new drinks to try.

Here is a look at some of the big cocktail trends that will hit UK in the near future.

Healthier Drinks

According to the founder of Mancino Vermouth, Giancarlo Mancino, the health trend is expected to have a heavy influence on the cocktail scene in the UK. He predicted that there will be a rise in cocktails that offer lower sugar levels and alcohol content, such as sherry and soda, vermouth and tonic, and spritzer-style combinations. It is also expected that fresh ingredients will be used more extensively and plant-based spirits such as tequila, mezcal, and sotol will grow in popularity.

Lower Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

Commonly known as “shims”, low-ABV cocktails are already a very popular option among drinkers, and they should be even more sought after in the future as Brits become increasingly health-conscious. These cocktails enable you to enjoy all the flavour without having to consume too much alcohol, so that you can last well into the night. Spirits such as vodka, rum, and gin will be replaced with bases containing herbs and spices, such as vermouths, aperitifs, fortified wines, and herbal liqueurs.

Return of the Classics

Many of the forgotten classics are expected to reappear in cocktail menus throughout the UK. They will, however, be reintroduced with a twist. These new classic cocktails will be prepared with modern techniques and ingredients, such as the sous vide method that can enhance flavour nuances while maintaining freshness and quality.

Use of Garden Ingredients

As cocktail creators continue to experiment with all kinds of ingredients, they are bound to use more and more ingredients from gardens. Do not be surprised if you come across a cocktail that is made of ingredients such as cucumber, red pepper, pumpkin, kale, or jasmine.

These emerging trends will not only add diversity and excitement to the cocktail scene in the UK; they will also help you stay healthy.

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