Review: Cornerstone’s new and improved razor

Who uses which razor is a bit of a battlefield in our house. Vlad always seems to have nice, fancy razors which I like to steal and he’s not all that pleased about it, so when Cornerstone got in touch offering us the chance to try out their new and improved razors I jumped at the chance to claim a fancy razor for myself!

Cornerstone is a crowdfunded start-up with a mission to change the shaving industry with their high-quality products and a convenient, flexible subscription service. My husband has actually tried out their subscription service in the past and certainly enjoyed using the well-designed razors to turn a chore into something a bit more enjoyable.

Their subscription service combines British-blended skincare products and German-engineered razor blades on a regular basis. Simply answer some basic shaving and skincare preferences and your box of goodies will soon be on its way to you.

The new Cornerstone razor includes a trimmer blade, better spacing to avoid clogging and a reworked handle for a better grip. There has been a lot of thought gone into the new razor, with the Japanese steel blades being exposed to drastic changes in temperature; heat making the metal more workable whilst the ice-cold temperatures force it into a rigid structure to make durable, ultra-sharp blades.

The edges are then softened and the blade tips are ground at high speed under laser monitoring into a sharp known as a gothic arch – the optimal shape for hair cutting as the base remains strong whilst the cutting edge becomes ultra-sharp. Then a protective layer that prevents micro-corrosion is added by coating the blades with diamond carbon electrons under high vacuum conditions.

This is what sets Cornerstone blades apart, as other blades are dipped in the coating without rounding the cutting edges which leads the blades to lose their sharpness. Finally, a layer of Teflon is applied to reduce friction. The steel is then cut into individual blades that are carefully bent at an ideal angle for a smooth shave. All of this just to offer consumers an even smoother and more comfortable shave!

When the box arrived I was excited to see my lovely new aluminium razor handle engraved with my initials (no more fights over whose razor is whose!) and the lovely goodies that come along with the razors. My kit included the Cornerstone shave gel, post-shave balm and face scrub (microbead-free), although I won’t be shaving my face, I simply LOVE the skincare products and they will certainly be used!

One new element in my box which my husband’s kit didn’t contain was the very handy blade cover. I am sure I am not the only one to have fished an unguarded razor out of a wash bag only to take a chunk of flesh out of a finger by accident. I think this is a worthy addition to the Cornerstone shaving kit (and so do my fingers!)

Overall, I am very happy with the Cornerstone shaving kit. It has made shaving a little less arduous with a smooth, friction-free process and the skincare products are just lovely. I award the kit 5 our of 5 stars.

Cornerstone packaging

Cornerstone razor and blades

Cornerstone razor and blade cover



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