Introducing: Bintang & Pearl River Asian Beer

Now that it’s officially appropriate to enjoy a few drinks in the park or beer garden with pals why not try something new? There are two new tipples from Indonesia and China launching in the UK in time for the social summer season.

Bintang is Indonesia’s number 1 beer, with 85 years of heritage and a clean, crisp and refreshing taste with mild fruity notes that give it its distinctive flavour.  The red star on the label is a reference to when the Dutch controlled Indonesia and Heineken actually ran the brewery.

Classified as a pale lager Bintang is a gold in colour, light bodied and refreshing with a small head made up of big airy bubbles and a malty smell. This beer has a relatively low (4.7%) alcohol content and is very well suited to be drunk alongside spicy food in a very hot environment, perfect for a lazy summer day! This award-winning beer is available in 330ml and 600ml bottles and matches perfectly with Pan-Asian cuisine.

Named after the 1,375-mile river that meanders through Southern China until it reaches the ancient city of Guangzhou, the capital of the Canton region, the Pearl River brewery was established in 1985 and is one of 4 Chinese national beer brands.

The beer is brewed with water piped from a natural spring source direct to the brewery to guarantee the quality and freshness. The fresh spring water is then combined with Czech hops, German yeast, and Canadian Barley Malt.

The Pearl River beer is a mellow yellow 4.9% premium lager which displays light with very slight head with wheat or rice characteristics. It has a typical Chinese lager aroma and is not overly bitter with traces of vanilla, crispy and dry on the palate, slightly malty with green apple like fruitiness. It is available in 330ml and 600ml bottles.

Many people seem to think that River Pearl is nothing to write home about on its own and I have to agree, however, it is a great match for a Chinese meal out with friends.


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