Review: Plamil Egg Free Garlic Mayonnaise

This year I decided to change from a vegetarian (no meat, no fish) to a vegan diet (no animal products at all). I also gave up flour and sugar at the end of last year. My main reason for this was health as I want to shift my extra weight and get healthier.

So far I haven’t found it too hard to change to a vegan diet, despite having always loved cheese and enjoyed eggs I haven’t given in to temptation or found myself suffering from big cravings. I have found it surprisingly easy to give up drinking Pepsi and smothering my meals in sugar-heavy ketchup – I’m 80 days ‘sober’ – however, I do miss being able to have mayonnaise on my food.

There are lots of dairy and egg-free mayo options out there on the market and I know that some have better reputations when it comes to taste than others so when I went looking for a vegan-friendly mayonnaise I went for the Plamil Egg Free Garlic Mayonnaise which has received good reviews from the online communities I am a part of.

The Plamil Egg Free Garlic Mayonnaise is made primarily from Sunflower Oil (54%) and Water (33%) but also includes Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt, Soya Beans, Garlic Puree, Stabilisers Guar and Xanthan Gums and Lemon Juice for added flavour and consistency. This egg and dairy free mayo is a good source of essential polyunsaturates, is gluten and cholesterol free and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

So, how have I been getting on with it? So far I have really enjoyed this vegan mayo, it has a surprisingly creamy flavour and the same smooth texture you would expect from a mayonnaise. It has a garlic undertone which I personally think could do with a boost but I find it tasty and a great accompaniment to salads and veggies.

Plamil Egg Free Mayonnaise comes in plain, garlic, tarragon or chilli varieties and I look forward to trying more of these flavours in the future. I award the Plamil Egg Free Garlic Mayonnaise 5 out of 5 stars for satisfying my need for a tasty condiment to compliment my healthy food options.

Plamil Egg Free Garlic Mayonnaise