Review: E-juices from E-Cigarette Technologies Ltd

When people ask me what sort of e-juices my husband prefers my answer is always the same; ‘pudding flavours’. Vlad has always loved to vape sweet, dessert-style flavoured e-juices so when vaping specialists E-Cigarette Technologies Ltd got in touch offering him the chance to try some of their range that was exactly what I requested and Vlad was not disappointed!

E-Cigarette Technologies stock a wide range of PG and VG e-liquids, e-cig accessories and pens to suit every vaper’s style. They aim to provide top-quality vaping merchandise to vapers around the UK and boast that their e-juices offer exquisite flavours, balancing sweet and savoury, fruity and smooth, are designed to make e-cigs the most pleasurable smoking experience possible,

Vlad was sent the following selection of e-juices to try out, see his notes below.

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart

The Lemon Tart e-juice from Dinner Lady has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 which helps it to produce thicker, fuller vapour clouds than other 50/50 products. Not surprisingly this e-juice has strong citrus flavours, however, what is a surprise is the touches of meringue with fantastic blasts of sugar which balances out the sharpness of the lemon. This is certainly not another bland version of this desert classic but hits the spot for anyone like Vlad who loves pudding flavours. For more information click here.

Dinner Lady Strawberry Custard

Again, this Dinner Lady flavour Strawberry Custard has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 to boost vapour production and make nice satisfying clouds. This e-juice boasts a bold, velvety mixture of refreshing strawberries combined with a luxurious sweet, creamy custard flavour with a buttery caramel finish. Again, Vlad was impressed with the depth of flavour from this e-juice, it reminded him of smoking shisha with a throat hit good enough to stop him vaping all day. For more information click here.

Cuttwood Bird Brains

This e-liquid by Cuttwood comes with a PG/VG content of 20/80 which Vlad described as having burnt out his coils faster, however, it was worth it for the flavour. The name might be leaving you wondering just what the flavour of this e-juice is and Vlad was pleased to discover that it has a delightful blend of sweet summer berries topped off with creamy milk, a flavour reminiscent of cereal or muesli which makes it perfect for a first thing in the morning. Vlad did note that this juice had a bit of a peppery flavour towards the end which was a bit different and made it stand out. For more information click here.

Wick Liquor Carnival

Again, with a PG/VG content of 20/80, the Carnival e-juice from Wick Liquor aims to give you big vapour plumes. Carnival is one of their most popular flavours and you can understand why when you get a big hit of sweet doughnuts mixed with the delicious flavour of vanilla cake and candy floss with a delicate yet intense flavour. This e-juice would be really satisfying for any vaper with a sweet tooth. For more information click here.

Wick Liquor Deja Voodoo

The last e-juice was another PG/VG content of 20/80 from Wick Liquor. Deja Voodoo offers a combination of sugary and refreshing coconut husk and sweet Chula Vista Sugar Cane with undertones of uplifting soda which makes for the perfect pudding vape. Reminiscent of a Piña colada this e-juice really celebrates the flavour of coconut and will satisfy anyone looking for a tropical sugar hit. For more information click here.

Overall Vlad has enjoyed exploring these new flavours of e-juices from E-Cigarette Technologies and awards the overall quality of service and products a solid 4 out of 5.

E-juices from E-Cigarette Technologies Ltd