Review: BoxWave Kindle Fire Capacitive Stylus Pen

You might remember that I was lucky enough to have received a new Kindle Fire HD 10 for my birthday this year and in order to optimise my use of the table I decided to add a few accessories, including the Moko Wireless Keyboard Case which helps convert the Kindle from a tablet to a laptop and I also decided to find a stylus to take advantage of the Kindle’s fantastic 10 inch touch screen.

I wanted to make sure that the stylus I chose would be compatible with the Kindle and I came across the BoxWave Kindle Fire Stylus Pen on Amazon which boasted compatibility with all capacitive touch screens so I decided to give it a go.

The BoxWave Capacitive Stylus is designed to look like a pen and at 4.25″ in length, 0.25” in diameter and weighing just over 11g it is certainly slim, sleek and convenient to carry around. It is available in Bold Orange, Crimson Red, Jet Black, Lunar Blue (the one I went for to match my Kindle case), or Metallic Silver colour

The stylus can be attached to your device via the 3.5mm headphone jack or the built-in clip perfect for attaching to a pocket. I actually slip it neatly into the stylus holder on my Kindle’s case where it fits nicely.

The BoxWave Capacitive Stylus is made with a hardwearing rubber tip which mimics the tip of a finger offering a smooth glide feel when using with a touch screen. I have found it to be more precise than using my finger and it is very reliable – the Kindle always picks up the touch.

I have found the BoxWave Capacitive Stylus to be exactly what I needed to pick up my productivity when using my Kindle offering a fast way to click and select items on the screen without getting dirty fingerprints everywhere! I award it 5 out of 5 stars and will continue to enjoy using it with my touch screen Kindle.

BoxWave Kindle Fire Capacitive Stylus Pen

BoxWave Kindle Fire Capacitive Stylus Pen