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    Charge Pit Universal Charging Station
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Review: Charge Pit Universal Charging Station

Do you need help organising all the cables for charging your electronic devices? I have to admit that I have charging cables all over my house and often can’t find one when I need one, so when I was offered the chance to review the Charge Pit Universal Charging Station by Mobile Fun I was very happy to do so.

The Charge Pit Universal Charging Station, available from  Mobile Fun, is a neat way to keep all your cables organised and tangle free with hook and loop fastener strips, whilst offering easy access when you need to give your mobile phones, tablets etc a battery boost. Amazingly you can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously with just one mains socket which means you still have sockets available for other uses.

The Charge Pit Universal Charging Station is compatible with iOS and Android devices and auto-adapts the charge based on the type of device connected. It uses fast charging technology, with a 10A high charging current output, making it ideal for quickly charging devices so you don’t have to go without your best buddy for too long.

Designed to comfortably sit on a desk, the base unit has integrated stands that hold your tablets and smartphones while they’re charging making it easy to check the time or any notifications while they are charging. It also has a smart and sleek look to it which means it will fit into any modern setting without standing out.

Setting up the Charging Station is easy – simply plug your charging cables into the hidden USB hub inside the station and feed the charging end through the nearest hole in the plastic to gain access from outside. Then simply plug your device into the cable and place it into one of the supporting grooves.

I have been very pleased with my Charge Pit Universal Charging Station as it has enabled to charge multiple devices quickly and easily whilst keeping my cables all in one tidy place. It easily holds my Samsung handset as well as my Kindle and I am able to charge other devices like my E-Candy headphones by connecting them to a cable and positioning them gently on top of the station (as they clearly won’t fit in the grooves!)

I award the Charge Pit Universal Charging Station 5 out of 5 stars for making charging my devices less of a chore and would recommend it to anyone looking to consolidate their charging cables into one neat and tidy place.

Charge Pit 6-Port Universal Charging Station

Charge Pit Universal Charging Station


Getting Your Home Ready for Christmas

Whilst getting in the Christmas spirit is quite easy, I have been feeling it for the last week or so already(!), getting your home ready for Christmas can be a bit more tricky. What with hanging all the lights without falling off of ladders, decorating the tree without falling onto the tree and getting all the trimmings out to organise before the big day, it can take a little planning. Here are my top tips for getting your home ready for Christmas to make getting in the festive mood simple.


One of the best ways to get in the Christmas spirit is to make sure that the outside all your home glows with festive cheer. Think classy rather than brash and go for an elegant single string of white lights across the front of your home accompanied by some static reindeer or mini light up trees on the door step. Lighting up the cold dark street is always a great way to get everyone in a cheery mood. Once you’ve got the outside of your home sparkling its time to bring that spirit inside.

The Tree

Everyone loves decorating their Christmas tree so put on some festive tunes, break out the mulled wine and devote a Sunday afternoon to decorating yours. Pick a colour scheme or overall theme in advance to make sure there’s some method to the decorating of your tree, for an overall look that’s polished and chic.  Don’t be afraid to go for something

Don’t be afraid to go for something non- conventional when it comes to the tree, so ditch the red, gold and green and go for something new this year. I always have some decorations in my favourite colour, purple, so mix it up! Make sure you’ve got plenty of lights in your home, even if you don’t want them on your tree, fairy lights wrapped around the bannister can add a warm glow, or string lights up around your family room like me for an atmospheric glow.

The Smells

Nothing makes your home feel ready for Christmas ready more than those traditional Christmas smells wafting through the house. Think cinnamon oils, pine reed diffusers and dried orange potpourri. I am a sucker for a Yankee candle and am loving burning my large Apple Spice candle which fills the whole house with fruity, spicy deliciousness.  If you really want to recreate a Christmas scent, have a go at making some of your own mince pies and let the gorgeous baking smells fragrance your home. I make some every year.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

The best Christmas decorations are the bits and bobs you have dotted around your home which add a little something extra to your overall theme. I recently discovered Cox and Cox who have some fabulous Christmas pieces to add that extra special magic to the season from gingerbread house cookie cutters to cosy cushions and ornaments for the windowsills.

With all these great ideas to keep you busy, you’ll be able to create your very own magical Christmas grotto this year in no time.

Getting ready for Christmas

Autumn Wardrobe Must Haves

If you hadn’t already worked it out Autumn is my favourite time of year with the first chill inspiring me to rediscover my beloved jumpers, coats and cardigans in my wardrobe which had been dismissed in favour of more Summery garments. There are some key pieces that I believe every Autumn wardrobe should have and today I wanted to share them with you.


The lightweight, weather-proof trench coat is perfect for autumn and winter weather and is flexible enough to be worn with anything. For a casual weekend look team with jeans and sneakers for day, or glam it up with a dress and heels for after work drinks. Check out Isabel Marant for some great options.

A leather or bomber jacket is a key item in autumn wardrobe and adds instant edge to any outfit. Again this garment is super versatile and can be work with jeans and a tee shirt just as well as over a blouse and black trousers.

Layering Basics

Any good wardrobe needs foundation pieces and these really come into play in the colder months when you want to add extra layers to keep warm. Start with some reliable tee shirts – one white tee and one dark tee and add a few quirky styles like baseball or go for more colourful options like stripes.

A great laying tool is the cardigan, I recommend having a couple stashed in your autumn wardrobe — one neutral, one colour. A flexible option, cardigans can be worn over pretty much anything, anywhere. A neutral shade like the cardigan in the Prada collection goes with everything, and longer style that hits at the hip flatters most figures.


I love knitwear in all forms but when the colder weather creeps in I find the easiest way to stay warm but stylish is to don a knitted jumper dress. I recommend wearing tights or some simple black leggings for extra warmth. Jumper dresses usually come either as a fitted style or a more relaxed shape so make sure to pick the best for your figure.

When you want to stay stylish but also want to keep warm then a cashmere sweater is a great option. Perfect for layering up with a collared shirt for the office of pairing with midi skirts, printed trousers or even leather pants a cashmere jumper is easy to dress up as well as down. I love the high-low hemline jumpers from the Sass & Bide collection.


A staple for any autumn style is the perfect pair of boots. To keep extra warm and chic why not try over the knee boots? They are flexible enough to wear with jeans and a jumper for a casual daytime look or with a skirt or mini dress at night. I recommend choosing a dark colour to compliment all of your outfits or mix it up with a more stand out grey, cognac or shoot for the wow-factor check out the suede lace ups from Prada.

If knee high boots are not your style then you can’t go wrong with a reliable pair of ankle boots; stylish and versatile this shoe never seems to get old. I always splash out on a new pair of ankle boots each year because they go with everything and help protect me from slippery winter pavements. Choose a simple plain design or tszuj it up with fringing, buckles or straps.

Autumn Designer Fashion

Review: Brainwavz Noise Isolating Jive Earphones

What do you look for when browsing for a new pair of earphones? I know that for me comfort and sound quality are top of my list along with price and sometimes you have to pay out to get a quality product as sometimes cheaper earphones can be uncomfortable or have a very tinny sound.

When Brainwavz offered me the chance to try out their Jive earphones I was curious to see how they would hold up for their affordable £19.50 price tag.

The Brainwavz Jive earphones (available from Amazon) are designed to look sleek and sophisticated, they are made from high-quality metal and come in three colours: blue, green and red, with models for both IOS and Android devices.

The Jives are described as producing a crisp, smooth sound with accurate playback of any track thanks to the dynamic drivers which create bright vocals and surprisingly good bass.

The Jives come with a set of Comply™ Foam tips as well as three sets of silicone ear tips (small, medium and large) which makes it easy to find a comfortable configuration to wear for extended periods of time, as there is nothing worse than earphone earache!

Overall I have been happily surprised by the Brainwavz Jives earphones, they offer comfort and great lively sound at an affordable price. I think these would be a great buy for someone looking for a better experience with inexpensive earphones. I award the Brainwavz Jives 4 out of 5 stars.

Brainwavz Jive Earphones


5 top London kitchen shops

I have both rented and bought property in London, having studied and worked in the city up until last year when I moved back to Kent, where I am from. The idea of moving into a new place is always exciting but for me the idea of making a property my own is really key, and the kitchen is one of my favourite spaces to make my own with personal and quirky touches.

One of my favourite things about our London flat is the kitchen which has bold red tiles, black worktops and a modern round sink with metallic touches. Today I wanted to share my top 5 shops in London which will help you reinvent or reinvigorate your kitchen.

Worktop Express

One of the most impactful design elements of any kitchen is the worktop. If you are re-doing your kitchen but don’t want to throw everything out and start again then a new worktop is a great place to start. There is such an amazing array of surfaces out there from wood to stone to recycled materials!

My mother recently redid her kitchen and has the most stunning granite. I personally really love the idea of a solid wenge worktop, beautiful and durable in a black or dark brown grain, which I spotted in their worktops showroom in Camden. If wenge wood isn’t your thing then Worktop Express offer an enviable array of products including oak worktops, walnut, iroko, beech, bamboo, and much more.


Now if you’re anything like me you love a good quirky implement in the kitchen and there’s nowhere better to find these fun trinkets than Divertimenti on Brompton Road who carries any item of cooking paraphernalia you will ever need. The impressive range includes an extraordinary selection of Mauviel copper cookware (which is to die for) as well as delicate hand-painted ceramics, table linen and cocktail making apparatus.

If you’ve found yourself the proud owner of a strange cookware instrument and don’t know what to do with it then you will be glad to hear that Divertimenti also offer cooking lessons catering for amateurs, enthusiasts and accomplished cooks with events from hands-on masterclasses to experiencing Michelin-starred menus. Learn more here.

Kitchen Ideas

If you’re looking to expand your knife collection then look no further than Kitchen Ideas, a family business founded in 1985, based in Bayswater who boast one of the best selection of cookware and knives including the Kyocera and Kasumi ranges from Japan. Although the shelves may appear cluttered don’t be put off as the items are top notch.

They stock the best cooking gadgets which make great gift ideas for the foodie in your life, for example, the top selling Egg Topper which cleanly removes the top of a boiled egg and Rice cube for the aspiring sushi master. With pieces for both novice and professional chefs this is a great shop to visit if you prefer supporting independant businesses.

Designers Guild

One of my favourite interior design shops to visit ever Designers Guild, based on King’s Road, is crammed full of stylish homeware including luxury designs, fabrics, wallcoverings and bed and bath collections. I always drool over their amazing tableware collections which are smart and practical, available in dazzling colours and quality materials which would be perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

Why not create a stunning display on your wall with a mix of different sized and coloured plates for an eye-catching upgrade? Designers Guild’s ranges include the bright and bold as well as Scandinavian minimalism which is really refreshing. Check out some top tips on doing this here.

Summerill & Bishop

If traditional elegance is more your style then you can’t go wrong with Summerill & Bishop whose range of vintage linens, charming French white ceramics and wooden chopping boards make a delightful upgrade to any forlorn kitchen. The owners often can be found trawling markets in France looking for second-hand pieces from vintage leg-of-lamb holders to champagne coupes.

As well as offering sumptuous decorations to deck out the heart of your home, Summerill & Bishop are perfect for your practical cooking needs. On offer is a good selection of utensils and cookware including baking goods and preserving apparatus.  Pop into their Notting Hill shop for a rummage and you won’t be disappointed.

modern kitchen sink

Give more this Year #BrightChristmas

This is my favourite time of the year. I love waking up in a snug warm bed and walking outside to a crisp Autumn morning. I love indulging in a pumpkin spiced latte, toasting crumpets on an open fire and having to wear a jumper. Of course, the cold weather and festive feelings make me start to think about the big celebration just around the corner: Christmas!

I have to admit that every year I want to be able to give something to my friends and family which is more meaningful than another selection of bath goodies or a tin of chocolates and I try my best to come up with ideas for presents which will last more than a few days or weeks. As I have gotten older (and maybe wiser) I have come to realise that Christmas isn’t just about getting material things but spending time together with the ones you love and sharing experiences together.

As I have gotten older so too have my relatives and sadly both of my Grandfathers are now living in care homes, unable to look after themselves any longer. Choosing gifts for them is always tough but now that they are no longer really capable of understanding the concept of Christmas, this year I feel like I should explore alternatives to help people less fortunate than myself via charitable donations on my relatives’ behalfs.

One such charitable Christmas campaign is the Oxfam Unwrapped Charity Gifts program which allows you to choose charity gifts from Oxfam for people in need all around the world to help them and their communities to improve living conditions and their prospects. There are four categories of gifts:

  1. Making a Living – helping people to generate sustainable income with gifts such as training for farmers, distributing livestock and teaching valuable business skills.
  2. Investing in the Future – giving people the opportunity to succeed with gifts such as training for teachers, ensuring children can go to school and improving healthcare services.
  3. Responding in an Emergency – providing much needed urgent assistance with gifts such as providing access to safe water and sanitation facilities, access to food and helping people to reconstruct their communities.
  4. Water for all – simply providing communities with access to clean, safe water and sanitation facilities with gifts such as creating and repairing water points, building toilets and teaching health and hygiene practices.

Starting from as little as £5 for life-saving soap and covering all areas of life including basics such as education for girls (£17), a safe toilet (£20), teaching a man to fish (£40) and safe water for 100 people (£100) to setting up a farmyard (£250) and kitting out a classroom (£1,500).

So, rather than buying something meaningless for someone who will probably forget it the next day, why not consider helping to support people less fortunate than yourself this year with one of these life-changing gifts from Oxfam?

I know that I will feel especially merry this Christmas knowing that I not only do I get to spend some quality time with my friends and family but I have also made a difference to someone who really needs it.

Christmas gifts

Top tips for choosing the perfect property

Around this time four years ago my husband and I moved into a new home and for the first time it wasn’t rented, it was ours! Having spent a few months looking around in South East London where we wanted to settle so that we were within driving distance from my parents and a train ride away from the office, we discovered our flat in Peckham. Perfect for a couple the compact but comfy flat has 2 bedrooms, a new bathroom and a modern kitchen. It is ours to this day despite now living in Kent.

We were lucky to find something suitable for our lifestyles (at the time) within our desired area within our budget and I am thankful that we were able to buy it with only a few hiccups along the way. Funnily enough, it was only the second property we looked at, but finding something suitable can be a time-consuming process and you really need to know what you are looking for before you rush into any decisions. Here are my top tips for choosing the perfect property.


Of course buying a property is a decision with huge financial repercussions. Normally a traditional mortgage allows you to borrow up to three times your annual income so make sure you are aware of your potential budget before heading out to look at properties. Repayments should not be more than 35-40% of your net monthly income. We found ourselves a great independent mortgage adviser who talked us through all our options based on our income and found us a range of mortgages so we really knew what we were getting into – I can’t recommend this enough, our adviser not only helped us find our original mortgage deal but has given us plenty of advice over the years when it came to renewing or changing our agreements.

Find the right estate agent

I have to admit that the experience you have with the estate agent can make all the difference. When my husband and I had our first viewing for the flat that we would go on to purchase we were met by a rather agitated estate agent who had run late because he hadn’t told us the correct place to meet him. He then went on to almost dismiss the idea of us buying the flat at all because of the area it was in (which we knew well having lived just up the road for a year) which he obviously thought wasn’t good enough – almost like he wasn’t interested in the potential commission from selling it! I was really put off my his attitude but luckily I was so keen on the flat that I didn’t let it get me down. I really recommend finding an estate agent who is really interested in helping you and offers the personal touch like The Personal Agent.

Location, location, location

We knew exactly what the local area of our new property was like as we had lived down the road for some time, however, if you are looking to move to a new place make sure you spend some time researching the basics so you know what you’re getting into! What is the local transport like? We were lucky that Peckham has great train and bus links so we could get to work easily. Do you need space to park a car? Take a look at the local streets, are there some handy shops or restaurants? Can you see yourself spending an evening out nearby? If you have a family it is definitely work checking out the local schools and child-friendly facilities in the area. Try and visit your potential property at different times of the day and different days of the week to see how the area changes. Lastly, although you might not want to think about it , what is the crime like in the area? Check local newspapers for reports of anything untoward. See some more things to check here.

Beware the details

When we were property hunting my husband and I visited the location of an exciting development in Lewisham and of course, we were blown away by the glossy marketing and the beautifully set up show apartments which were straight out of a magazine. Having been really sucked into the idea of living in a brand new, bespoke flat I was really disappointed when it came to looking at what was included in the sale of the units – ultimately you got a lot less for your money than you would expect as nothing was included! Not even the floor. They tried to explain this away by saying that they couldn’t possibly know what sort of floor we’d like so thought it better to leave it to the new owners to decide on and pay for separately, of course. I can’t emphasise this enough – ask questions about any property you see whether it be new or old, make sure you know what is included and what is not to avoid walking into your newly purchased house to find no floor!

Buying a property really is an amazing experience and I hope my top tips have given you a few things to think about. Happy hunting!


Review: Vaping e-liquids from Red Vape

Since giving up cigarettes and moving onto vaping my husband has been putting plenty of e-liquids through their paces, trying all sorts of flavours and brands, so it was perfect timing that Red Vape offered him the chance to try some of their range.

Red Vape is passionate and committed to delivering the finest quality British made e-liquids using top notch ingredients and employing a manufacturing process designed to retain and develop complex and rich multi-level flavours. My husband was sent four flavours to try: Havano Gold, Noble Mint, Angel Berry and Trinty Creme (unfortunately not to my husband’s personal taste and so not mentioned below for fairness). Here is how he got on:

First impressions

The three flavours received were of PG/VG ratio 50:50 which is very typical. Generally the best for vaping in the most common vaping tanks (as opposed to sub-ohm vaping), and it works just as you’d expect. The feel is slightly astringent, in other words, providing that throat hit that makes you aware that you’re vaping and stopping you from vaping all day.

Red Vape styles themselves as a luxury brand of vaping liquids and they’re certainly a cut above most other liquids I’ve tried. The liquids come in attractive glass bottles with handy glass droppers, and the bottles are nicely boxed. No plastic bottles to be seen anywhere. So overall it’s a nice unwrapping experience.

One important aspect to mention is that I was testing these in the very popular Nautilus tanks from Aspire and running them at 12-16 watts.

Havano Gold

I’m not generally a fan of tobacco flavoured vaping liquids. Red Vape’s Havano Gold was a very pleasant surprise. Derived from Cuban Corojo and mixed with South Honduran pure Corojo from the famous Jamastran Valley, the taste of tobacco was very subtle and refined, with a hint of sweetness. It makes me wish that tobacco cigarettes actually tasted like this.

The manufacturer website does mention that the tobacco flavours used are from tobaccos that are usually used for cigar making, so no wonder it’s smooth. And what’s more – I’ve shared this liquid with two of my friends who vape and they were pleasantly surprised by the taste also. It probably won’t be something you’ll buy on the off chance, but if you like tobacco flavours I think this is very nice.

Noble Mint

I absolutely abhor the taste of menthol cigarettes and menthol in vaping liquids. So I was dreading using this liquid. Again – it was surprisingly nice, mostly because it’s not a typical menthol flavour. Instead of being a harsh minty/menthol taste the Nobel Mint is a little bit like chewing spearmint flavoured gum.

Nobel Mint is Red Vape’s leading fresh mint e-Liquid and a top seller from the Red Vape premium range. Made with natural spearmint extract and blended with Swedish Lingonberry and natural Redcurrant this e-liquid has a very pleasant minty-sweet flavour and one that I would buy for myself, despite not being a big fan of traditional mint.

Angel Berry

My absolute favourite of the all the liquids from Red Vape was the Angel Berry. This e-liquid is made from a combination of natural raspberry, dewberry, blueberries, Granny Smith apple and a dash of the naturally sweet Mentha Aquatica also known as water mint. I’m a fan of fruity vaping liquids and this is a very nice blend of berries that isn’t too sweet like most others out there.


As previously mentioned – the liquids taste very nice, with pleasant surprises all round. All three of the e-liquids I was sent were 50/50 PG/VG liquids that produce mild astringecy and adequate clouds, great for those looking to be discreet with vaping. Despite being delicious, one thing to note is that the flavourings in these juices will reduce the longevity of your coils and hence this may be something that you wish to consider.

Overall I award these 3 stars, it would have been higher if Red Vape offered different PG/VG mixes so that the juices can be used in sub-ohm tanks.

Red Vape e-liquid boxes

Red Vape e-liquid bottles


5 Tips to find the family friendly job you want

I have been working in a freelance capacity now for 6 months and I have learned a lot in my time working for myself, some positive and some not so positive. No matter what I have really enjoyed being able to work from home and spend more time with my family and our newest addition our puppy and I have come to realise just how important work-life balance is.

This time has also allowed me to reflect on careers in general and I am so inspired by all the parents out there who find time to work as well as care for their family. It isn’t always easy finding a job which works around  children, here are five top tips to help anyone looking for a family friendly job.

Be Clear About What you Want

Getting the right work-life balance is important when you are bringing up young children. It can seem daunting to find a job that will fit in with your family commitments. Set clear boundaries for how you want to divide your time between home and work and don’t be too ready to compromise. Look for creative ways to achieve that work-life balance.

Plan Ahead

Before you plunge into your job-hunt, take time to plan your career and think about how to get to where you want to be. Your job search will then be much more focused. In the past I have jumped into looking for exciting sounding roles which upon reflection weren’t really what I was looking for. Avoid disappointment by really knowing what you want and plan to reach that goal.

Find Out More

Spend time researching different career paths and how different types of work can accommodate the work-life balance you want. Which companies and organisations have a reputation for being family-friendly or have the kind of values that make for a good working environment? Check out this article from Forbes detailing well paid careers for parents. What kind of career would best suit your strengths and interests? Talk to family and friends about how they found their own career paths and what they enjoy or don’t enjoy about their work. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the company in question and find out how they feel about flexible hours or part time opportunities before applying to avoid disappointment.

Conduct a Smart Job Search

These days, most job searches start online. There are numerous career sites like uk.Jobrapido.com on which you can search for job vacancies and post your CV. Additionally, most larger companies and organisations will post their vacancies on their own websites. Make sure you regularly check careers pages for updated roles. Social media can also be a good way to find out about any opportunities going from among your wider acquaintance.

Social media can also be a good way to find out about any opportunities going from among your wider acquaintance. Take care to leave a good impression when using social media. Your job hunt shouldn’t begin and end online however, be proactive at using social connections to make contact with potential employers in the areas you are interested in. I have to admit that my husband has great networking skills, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to people in your desired field to lay some foundations.  They may well remember your name next time an opening comes up at their company.

Don’t Give Up!

Job hunting can be discouraging work. Getting knocked back by a series of rejections, or worse, not having your application acknowledged at all can leave you feeling as though you’re wasting your time or doubting what you have to offer. It’s important to remember that finding the right job takes time and persistence will pay off. The tenth No may well be followed by a Yes!


Review: We Are Tea everyday teas

My husband is a tea fanatic. I can’t even begin to imagine how many different types of tea we have in our kitchen cupboard- from black to green from the traditional to more modern blends with all manner of flowers and fruits! So when We Are Tea got in touch to see if we’d try their new everyday teas range we were happy to give them a go.

The premise of this range of teas is that it’s the everyday small changes which can have the best long term benefits to our health. The range includes three new blends Svelte, Glow and Soothe which are made from 100% natural, healthy ingredients. The everyday range was created in combination with leading nutritionist Amanda Hamilton the goal to not only do good, but taste good too.

I was excited to discover that the Svelte tea features Yerbe Mate which is a tea my husband was at one point obsessed with! It is known to promote good health and has a very distinctive ritual around its preparation and consumption. Svelte teams the Yerba Mate with ginger for a boost of invigoration whilst natural sea green help to balance the metabolism, dandelion root to tone, nettle to eliminate and the Yerba Mate for focus. My husband does enjoy this tea although says that the Yerbe Mate is a little overshadowed by the ginger when it comes to flavour.

Designed to pep up your skin, the Glow tea includes a refreshing combination of red berries, Calendula and a traditional blend of herbs; packed with antioxidants and active ingredients this tea boosts skin health. This is my favourite of the three teas as it is very much more to my taste. I think that not only does this tea include skin nourishing ingredients but encouraging people to simply drink more water will also promote skin health!

The soothe tea has been designed to help sad tummies and is made with a blend of fennel and mint (a well-known digestive aid). We Are Tea recommend drinking this tea as an accompaniment to any meal to soothe, aid digestion and eases bloating so if you’re someone who often is troubled with an uncomfortable post-meal this will help settle your stomach.

I really love the idea of making everyday small changes to boost health and happiness. The teas all have distinctive flavours and certainly offer a good mood boost and a great way of taking in more water. I award the everyday tea range from We Are Tea 4 out of 5 stars.

We Are Tea Everyday Tea Range

We Are Tea Everyday Tea bags