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Introducing FolliOne hair growth support

Last year I decided that I wanted longer hair and invested in a few different types of hair extensions to achieve my desired look. Unfortunately at the end of my experimentation when my bonded extensions, where the hair is attached using melted keratin, were removed a lot of my hair came out with the extensions. leaving me feeling considerably self-conscious and wondering if people around me might work out that I had lost a lot of my hair and I was glad that it eventually grew back.

This left me feeling very self-conscious and wondering if people around me might work out that I had lost a lot of my hair and I was glad that it eventually grew back. Looking back now  I am really glad that my problem was of my own making rather than  health problem and I was able to grow my hair back to is normal full volume self after a few months. The experience made me think about the people out there battling hair loss for health reasons, such as alopecia.

Hair loss is a bigger problem than most of us would like to admit, so when I learnt about the range from FolliOne, who produce products to help support and restore healthy hair, I was relly interested in learning how their range can help.

I was sent three of their products to review: Growth Stimulator for WomenShampoo for Hair Growth and Recovery and Liquid Hair Nutrition for Hair Growth all designed to support the body as it heals, leading to improved hair growth and healthier hair.

The Growth Stimulator for Women is recommended for use in early stages of hair loss. Simply apply 1ml twice a day to the scalp for improved quantity and quality of hair as the product stimulates and extends hair growth.

The Shampoo for Hair Growth and Recovery stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss whilst supporting a healthy scalp, new hair follicles, and the growth of hair cells enhancing the body’s ability to prevent the recurrence of scalp itching, irritation, redness, and flaking. Ingredients include caffeine and methylpropanediol which help transport the active ingredients deeper into the scalp.

As well as direct on-hair products FolliOne also supply supplements for improved hair health such as Liquid Hair Nutrition which includes essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and protein to promote normal hair growth. The supplement can be added to smoothies or just consumed on its own, once a day. It’s easy to build into your morning routine!

FolliOne are running a competition at the moment for you to win any two of their hair support products, so if you want to try them for yourself go ahead and enter below!

Win a choice of any two Follione products #7

Top 5 simple SEO tips

Search engine optmisation, SEO, is seen as a bit of a mystery by most people who want to improve the visibility of their website and attract more organic traffic. If you want you can have professionals, like TekFirst based in Harrogate, have a look at your website but having worked in the field for eight years I wanted to share some simple steps you can do yourself to help boost your website or blog. Follow these five top tips –

Make sure your site is accessible

A few months ago I was hired to do an audit on a lovely website for a graphic designer who wanted to attract more traffic, in turn attracting more customers. Despite being a beautifully designed site it had been built on a platform which search engines, like Google, are unable to read and therefore had little to no chance of attaining good rankings.

In order to understand what your website is about it needs to be accessible or readable by search engines which prefer simple HTML over other programming languages which can offer more jazzy interactions. The easiest way to check if Google can read your website is to check the cached version of your site (Google stores snapshots of websites so it can find results faster).

To do this add ‘cache:’ in front of your website’s URL, this should bring up the cached version and you can see what Google ‘sees’. For an even more realistic view choose the ‘text only’ version (Google can’t read images). If the cached version is blank or has very little text appearing you should consider changing the platform your site uses or add more text to your pages.

Optimise your page titles

Search engines need to understand what your website is about in order to show it in search results. The way they understand the topic of your site is to read the text on the page, with some elements of the page being more significant than others such as page titles.

It is important that your website page titles include relevant keywords and phrases to make sure that search engines know what the topic of your page is and therefore what to rank your page for in search engine results.

Note that most search engines use a maximum of 60 chars for the title, so try and keep your titles short and sweet whilst keeping keywords present.

Optimise your images

I mentioned earlier that search engines can not read images which makes them all but useless when it comes to informing search engines about the topic of the page. However, you can get around this problem by using some simple HTML elements to help search engines understand what an image shows.

When uploading an image to your blog you will often see fields marked Alt text, title and description, all of which attach information to an image file which search engines can read and understand. Make sure that all your images include this information by adding informative titles, descriptions and alt text.

The best way to do this is to image you are describing the image to a person who can not see it and use this as your alt text as this is routinely used by screen reading programs which help partially sighted and blind people understand what is displayed on a web page. It helps to include keywords in these elements, but make sure they appear naturally as too much can appear manipulative to search engines.

Use HTML correctly

HTML can help search engines understand the landscape of a web page including what information is more important than others. I have already mentioned page titles but here are more elements which can help.

Headings are very important to signify importance on a page so using the correct mark up is essential. Use the H1 tag to flag your main heading on a page, this is usually the same as the page title on a blog, and use H2 and H3 tags to highlight other headings in the hierarchy of importance. I tend to use H2 for subheadings like I have done in this post.

For more information on using HTML correctly take a look at this guide.

Build links

Search engines not only look at your website or blog when deciding on where to rank you in search engine results but they also look at how authoritative your site is, determined by the links pointing to your site. The more quality links pointing to your site the better as this makes you look like an expert in your field which other people choose to cite based on your expertise.

Building links can be hard but there are a few simple ways to do this: contribute to other websites/ blogs and include a link to your site in your bio, produce a really interesting/exciting/ provocative blog post or document (Ebook, Infographic etc) which attracts links naturally or organise an event for fellow bloggers where you may gain natural links and mentions in post-event coverage.



Review: Tails.com Personalised Puppy Chow

Lexi, our 8-month-old chocolate Labrador puppy, is doing really well but one problem we have experienced with her over the last few weeks has been a lack of interest in her food – very odd for a Labrador! She hasn’t starved as she has been eating but really shows a lack of relish in her food often leaving a good portion behind in her bowl.

We have tried a couple of different foods from well-known brands to local niche companies with nothing really sparking excitement from Lexi so when Tails.com, the personalised dog food company, got in touch to offer us the chance to review their product I was really keen to give it a go!

Signing up couldn’t be easier, just go to their website Tails.com and make an account. Next set up a profile for your pooch by answering a few questions such as breed, age, sex, activity levels, number of treats and health to personalise the food for your dog’s needs.

The system works just like a subscription service with flexibility built in so that you can choose how often you receive deliveries and you are able to pause and cancel very easily. It also makes it easy to change the order if you want to update your dog’s stats or need to add a dietry requirement.

Based on her stats Lexi’s dry food was designed to support her mental abilities and development with omega 3 oils from linseed to support healthy brain and vision development. To strengthen her puppy immune system with selenium, beta carotene and antioxidants as well as support her overall growth and development with high-quality protein, as she grows into an adult.

The kibble size was selected to suit her status as a larger breed, with no additives and to keep her in optimal body condition based on estimated calories burnt through her 1-3 hours of exercise a day and her intake of treats (approximately 8% of her diet).

Lexi’s personalised dry food mix is made up of: chicken 50.2% (including 33.4% from dehydrated chicken), maize, sweet potato, beet pulp, maize gluten feed, maize gluten, potato, brown rice, linseed, yeast, brewer’s yeast, gravy (digest) 0.4%, monocalcium phosphate, seaweed meal, sodium chloride, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, yucca schidigera extract

Her personalised feeding plan is made up of 3 level scoops of Lexi’s tailor-made dry food using the Tails.com feeding scoop which makes it super easy to measure out the correct amount of food (450g per day).

I have to mention that I really love the personal touches Tails.com include such as the well presented personal meal plan leaflet which makes it easy to understand the blend and feeding directions. I also really love that they include Lexi’s name on the bags of food, the meal plan and even the scoop.

Most importantly I am glad to report back that Lexi has been wolfing down her special food blend with boosted excitement and never leaves any kibble in her bowl which gives me peace of mind that she’s getting all the nutrition she needs to grow into a healthy and happy adult Labrador.

If you want to try Tails.com’s personalised dog food for yourself (something I recommend!) then use the code STYLISHLONDON for a two weeks free supply with £1 delivery.

Lexi awards the personalised puppy chow from Tails.com a very happy 5 out of 5 stars and I most certainly intend on sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

personalised dog food


Review: ThreeSixty° Thailand Doi Chaang Coffee

I have been a fan of ThreeSixty° coffee for some time and I love learning about their latest additions to their range of fully traceable, premium quality coffees, so when I heard they had added Thai Doi Chaang to their collection I jumped at the chance to try it.

The Doi Chaang is an organic single-estate premium Arabica coffee from Thailand,grown by families of the Doi Chang Village. It received 2 stars at the The Great Taste Awards 2016 and has recently been awarded EU Geographical Identification– giving it the same protected status as Bordeaux wine and Champagne.

Thailand Doi Chaang is a well-balanced coffee with citrus hints of orange flower blossom and caramel undertones with a smooth, velvety texture and is perfect for lovers of unusual coffee. As mentioned, the Doi Chaang coffee is shade grown by the hill tribe families of the Doi Chang Village, who came together to create their own coffee company.

What I really love about ThreeSixty˚ is that they are passionate about provenance with each package of coffee displaying the coordinates of the beans’ origin – simply type these into Google Earth to find exactly where in the world your cuppa has come from! The Thailand Doi Chaang comes from this location: 19° 47’ 53.96’’N 99° 33’ 07.13’’E

I award the ThreeSixty° Thailand Doi Chaang Coffee 4 out of 5 stars.

Thailand Doi Chaang coffee

Yankee Candle Holiday Party Advent Calendar

For as long as I can remember I have had a chocolate advent calendar for the countdown to Christmas. Although I have always enjoyed them I have to admit that I am not really a chocolate person and usually end up leaving my advent chocolates uneaten.

Although my husband usually benefits from this, this year I am doing things differently and I have gone with the Yankee Candle Holiday Party Advent Calendar, available on Amazon.

Yankee Candles started in 1969 when 17-year-old Mike Kitteredge melted some crayons to make his mother a candle for Christmas and ended up selling one of his candles to a neighbour who liked it. I am  big fan of Yankee Candles for their amazing fragrances  so I am really excited about the advent calendar.

The Yankee Holiday Party Advent Calendar is Limited Edition and has a tea light  for every day in the countdown to Christmas with a repeating set of 7 different fragrances, including our four new to 2016. The advent calendar looks very festive with a contemporary, holiday party themed packing featuring Christmas decorations and lots gold sparkles!

The included fragrances are: All is bright, festive cocktail, Christmas cookie, macaroon treats, snowflake cookie, star anise and orange (tea lights) and on Christmas Eve there is a single votive candle to celebrate the big day with the fragrance Christmas Eve.

I am really looking forward to opening the first door on December 1st and all the other doors after! Are you going for a non-traditional advent calendar this year?

Yankee Candle Holiday Party Advent Calendar

Yankee Candle Holiday Party Advent Calendar

Review: Pigma Micron Fine Line Black Set

There are lots of different pens that people use in the Bullet Journals to keep their layouts and handwriting looking sharp. One of the most popular types of pen to use are the Pigma Micron fine liners, so I decided to give them a go and purchased a Pigma Micron fine line set in black, available on Amazon.

The Pigma Micron pen set from Sakura includes six black ink pens sizes 005 .20mm, 01 .25mm, 02 .30mm, 03 .35mm, 05 .45mm, 08 .50mm. They are well known in the Bullet Journal (and art) community for being fade proof, quick-drying, acid-free and with archival quality ink.

I have really enjoyed using the Pigma Micron pens for my Bullet Journal, they are perfect for drawing out layouts and for decorating my pages with doodles. I like the fine point which makes it easy to draw smooth, clean lines with quick drying ink which is very handy as I often find myself leaning on a page and with other pens – like my gorgeous Noodler Ahab which uses Noodler’s ink – smear terribly if I don’t wait before leaning!

The Pigma Micron pens are known for having steadfast ink which does not feather or bleed through paper and I am happy to report I have found just that. The ink has a dark, pure black pigment and the pens are very satisfying to use, especially to draw clean straight lines.

I have enjoyed trying all the different sizes and seeing the different effects I can use them for such as shading. I look forward to seeing how the ink lasts over time. I admit that I do worry a little that I will ruin the very fine points and try not to press too hard when using them!

I award the Pigma Micron pen set 4 out of 5 stars.

Pigma Micron Fine Line Black Set


Revamp your garden for property desirability

When trying to sell a property it is worth reviewing the small things as well as the big things which make a home more attractive to prospective buyers. One major attraction of any property is outside space so the garden can have an important impact!

The good news is, you don’t have to rip out your garden and start again if your outdoor space is looking a  bit unloved, there are some simple changes you can make which will really make your garden and ultimately your home stand out to potential purchasers. Here are my top tips for revamping your garden:

Garden Furniture

Selling a property is all about telling a story to the prospective buyer so that they can really picture themselves enjoying life in their new home – your old one! Spin a story in your garden by using beautiful furniture t o create an outdoor eating or entertaining space which will really sell Summer BBQs and garden parties to them.

I love using natural materials and textures in my garden and would go with elegant pieces from Rattan Direct for waterproof and practical outdoor furniture. Just as property experts will tell you that the interior of your home should be selling a lifestyle, so too should your garden.

Lawn edging

This may sound a little odd, especially if you were expecting ideas that took far longer to implement and at a great cost. However, there is no substitute for ensuring that the edges of your lawn are nice and neat, it makes any prospective buyer think that the garden has been well cared for and loved. Keeping lan edges tidy also creates the impression of the garden being bigger, a bonus!

Solve problems with plants

Busy roads, overlooking neighbours, overly shady areas and more can all be disguised with some clever planting. Shrubs and trees make great wind and noise breakers, and for shady areas choose drought-loving plants to add greenery and interest.

Mulch, mulch, mulch!

Mulch, along with gravel and bark, is the ideal spread across bare soil around and under plants as it suppresses weeds which is perfect if you want a tidy looking outdoor space for when prospective buyers come to view the property and but you don’t want to spend all your time weeding! It also adds a sense that the garden is well-maintained and looked after. Stay away from highly-coloured barks and stick with the natural, more neutral looking ones.

Limit plant species

If you are not much of a gardener, it can be tempting to spend an afternoon at a garden centre, buying all kinds of coloured shrubs and flowers, of all types and species. The problem with this is that once planted, it can all look a little jumbled.

If you are planting fresh plants specifically to sell your home and garden to prospective buyers, opt for similar species and group similar plants together.

Look after the lawn

Back to the patch of green, green grass… or is it? Bare patches of earth and yellowing grass is not a good look and frankly, can be off-putting to buyers. There are lots of products out there to help give your lawn a boost so it’s worth investigating these to help fill in those gaps, alternatively you can lay a new lawn if the majority of the grass isn’t looking so good. Learn how to maintain your lawn here.

If you cannot afford to lay a new lawn, buy in the services of a specialist lawn company that can feed and fertilise the grass that is there and make it look lush and green.

Add colour and form for interest

On one hand, you may think that a blank canvas garden is the answer, after all most people will want to put their own stamp on the house’s interior and the garden. However, your garden can also be the aspect of a home that makes it welcoming. Think about first impressions! Try a few hanging baskets with pretty, colourful blooms, along with flowers and shrubs of varying heights in the border all add notes of interest here and there.

Potted plants also make lovely points on interest. Colourful pots stand out nicely without being overbearing. Bear in mind the colour of the flowers and plants you use with the pots so that the colours complement each other. See some great advice on potted plants here.

Prune shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are perfect for any garden, providing all-year-round colour in the garden. As spring arrives, they shoot up and out in all directions and what was once a tiny shrub in the corner of the garden, is now fairly substantial in size.

The temptation is to grab the shears and prune it back to a shadow of its former self. However, this can leave you with a rather-straggly looking specimen and so say expert gardeners, prune back shrubs but be conservative. Prune them back in to shape so that they are in keeping with the other plants around them.

country garden path

Winter Warmer Wishlist

This week has been the coldest week of the year so far and my husband and I have had to review our wardrobe choices bringing out the knitwear and winter accessories to keep us warm.

Sadly I couldn’t find my lovely gloves from last year which got me thinking about the other winter warmers I would love to have to see my husband and I through to Spring so here is our Winter Warmer Wishlist!

  • Vlad really needs a good coat to keep him warm and waterproof especially when walking our puppy during the winter months. A Parker Coat would be the perfect practical and stylish addition to his winter wardrobe.
  • Nothing says cosy comfort to me more than cashmere, so on my wishlist is one of these beautiful cashmere wraps made from recycled cashmere, so not only am I looking great and staying warm but I am giving new life to pre-loved fabric.
  • Having cold feet is just about the worst thing during the winter, whether indoors or outdoors, so stocking up on warm, woolly socks is a must! I have my eye on this 5 pack of thick crew winter socks which come in some fabulous patterns.
  • Of course, you just have to have a Christmas Jumper! I love this cute Christmas Pudding jumper which I think would suit Vlad perfectly. I prefer more traditional style, like this Fairisle Jumper which still has a festive feel but without being too silly!
  • I mentioned earlier about walking our puppy and recently the paths which are usually grassy and steadfast have become muddy and slippery and my trainers are simply not a safe option anymore. I’ve already slid over once! I love these Trespass noble track and field waterproof walking boots which are practical and pretty.

What are your must have winter warmers?


Review: Aglaia Glass Aroma Diffuser

I have recently been reviewing a series of diffusers and lights and today I wanted to talk about the Aglaia Glass Aroma Diffuser which combines three types of therapy to help you relax and de-stress. The Aglaia Glass Aroma Diffuser, available on Amazon, incorporates elements from light, aqua and aroma-therapy to help you feel calm and stress-free. The diffuser uses ultrasonic technology and produces an aromatic mist from your choice of essential oils. Here are some popular essential oils and the common uses and benefits for them:

  • Lavender: Promotes a calm and relaxed feeling.
  • Lemon: Refreshing and cheering
  • Peppermint: Refreshing, cooling and invigorating
  • Tea Tree: Supports the immune system
  • Ylang Ylang: Relaxes both the mind and body

The unit can also be used as a humidifier (without oil) as it produces a fine mist of water to keep your room humidity balanced and your air cleaner. Having more moisture in the air will help if your home is very dry which can cause health issues. It can also help lower radiation from electronic equipment.

The Aglaia Glass Aroma Diffuser also has a fantastic in-built colour show with seven LED lights to help create a comfortable and chilled atmosphere after a long day. It is also perfect for use whilst doing meditation or yoga to help set the right ambience. There are several colour options so you can choose your favourite, or one to best suit your mood. It also makes a great night-light.

I really like the bell-like shape of the diffuser and the fact that is compact enough to find a place anywhere in my home. I love running it in my office while I am working to help me focused and relaxed where I otherwise may find myself stressed. I award the Aglaia diffuser 4 out of 5 stars.

Aglaia Glass Aroma Diffuser Essential Oil Humidifier

Review: Pattern Papers Decorative Stationery Set

Over the years I have had a few different penpals and have enjoyed getting to know people from around the world and also getting the chance to practice my handwriting which in this digital day and age gets a bit rusty.

Having penpals and my recent use of my Bullet Journal has fuelled my love of stationery and to that end, I have recently been purchasing different materials to make my letters and journal more fun and interesting, like the Pattern Papers decorative stationery set, available on Amazon.

The Pattern Papers decorative letter writing stationery set is made up of  18 writing sheets (one side pattern, inside blank), 18 envelopes and 18 envelope seals, all made with colourful, eye-catching patterns, all of which comes in a wallet for storage.

The different designs include ethereal watercolours, poppy collages and delicate, detailed line drawing curated by New York City’s celebrated Textile Arts Center. You can learn more about the artists behind the patterns inside the wallet.

I have found the paper to be easy to write on, smooth to the touch and a quality product. I really like the different designs which brings something special to this writing set – you can choose to mix up the patterns so the paper, envelope and seal are all different or match them to be the same.

I have really enjoyed using the Pattern Papers decorative stationery set to give a bit more personality to my letters. My one gripe is that it’s hard to keep my writing straight without lines or a guide, I think it would be handy to have something in the set.

I award the Pattern Papers decorative stationery set 4 out of 5 stars.

 Pattern Papers Decorative Stationery Set

 Pattern Papers Decorative Stationery Set

 Pattern Papers Decorative Stationery Set

 Pattern Papers Decorative Stationery Set