The Advantages of Oak Furniture

When you are looking to buy some new furniture it’s ever so tempting to just settle for something cheap and modern (like Ikea), but if you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime and offer a polished look to any home then it might be worth considering oak.

Oak has been a popular material for furniture around the world and boasts a timeless appeal which always. seem to be in fashion. Oak has many advantages such as being durable, affordable and easily customised which make it perfect for use in the modern home. Here are some more advantages to having oak furniture in your home.

Aesthetically Pleasing

You really want things to look nice in your home and oak is known for it’s attractive visuals. Natural oak wood comes in either warm and rustic red or white shades and has a clearly visible grain which is very attractive and you can use a clear or coloured stain, polish or wax to bring this out even further.

Many people use light or dark stains but why not be different and try something more colourful? Blue or green work well. Another way to bring out the best in the wood is to try sanding to make a distressed, antique look if shabby chic is more your style.

Oak also mixes well with other types of furniture you can mix and match to make a unique style for your home and tie the look together with oak being a common theme. Trying mixing it up with some natural wood and some stained for something a bit different.


No-one wants furniture which shows wear and tear after one week. Oak is a dense hardwood which lasts well which means it is a good investment and won’t need to consider restorations for a long time. It’s one of the strongest woods that are used to make furniture today.

It also means that you can feel safer when buying second hand! You will always find strong and solid oak furniture in vintage furniture shops because of it’s hard-wearing quality. Oak is also impervious to liquids, staining, fading and cracking due to dryness. Perfect for a household including children and/or pets! All you need to do is polish it now and again to keep it looking fabulous!

Readily Available

Oak is widely available and affordable due to its benefits. This means it is far easier to find nice pieces of oak furniture either new or vintage in comparison to other, rarer woods. There is a huge array of styles available which means you’re bound to find something to suit your home and tastes including matching sets for bedrooms or living rooms and it’s easy to add a new piece to your collection without it standing out.

Furniture made from oak makes an excellent investment due to it’s durability, visual appeal and the extensive style options available. Whether new or vintage why not add some oak charm to your home and see the benefits for yourself?

wooden oak table


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