How Underfloor Heating Can Promote Good Health

Looking to alleviate existing health problems or prevent new issues from occurring in your own home? Many people consider underfloor heating to just be an effective way to provide heat, but in fact, it can help to make your home a much healthier place.

The health benefits of having a warm home are extensive. Colder homes are not just uncomfortable to live in, they pose a risk to our health. A cold home can worsen existing health problems and expose you to many new issues, including respiratory and circulatory problems. Investing in Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies can help you to keep your home warm in a cost-effective way, but there are also other benefits.

When homeowners look to update their heating with a new Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies system, they often don’t give much consideration to the health benefits. It’s often not the first thing you think of when talking about new heating, but nonetheless, the benefits are very much real. Take a look at our top health-rated benefits, that make Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies the best choice for your home.

Reduce the Number of Dust Mites in Your Home

Dust mites are the uninvited visitor to almost every home in the UK. These near invisible little critters can be incredibly bad for your health. Exposure to dust mites can cause skin conditions like eczema and breathing problems like asthma. Additionally, if you are allergic to the microscope creatures, you could suffer from many of the symptoms of the common cold on a regular basis.

Unlike traditional heating systems which create uneven heat air pockets, underfloor heating heats an entire room evenly. This stops dust mites from becoming unsettled in your home and triggering health problems. Underfloor heating can also help you to reduce the population of dust mites in your home. Studies into dust mites and underfloor heating show that up to an 80% reduction is possible when traditional heating is replaced.

Help Your Circulation with Consistent Temperatures

It’s well-known that rapid changes in temperature can impact your circulation. Your blood pressure can go up when you move from a hot room into a cold room. This narrows arteries and reduces heart blood supply which can lead to angina or other heart-related problems. In homes with standard radiators where every room in the house is not being heated, this can be a problem.

Underfloor heating provides consistent heat, so not only will your entire room be the same temperature, but your whole home. The larger surface area of underfloor heating provides a regulated heat, helping to heat rooms at a quicker rate and keep them warm. As you pass between rooms, the temperature should remain virtually unchanged.

Eliminate Risks from Hot Surfaces

When it’s particularly chilly, putting your hands on or near the radiator can be an extremely tempting idea. However, for sufferers of Raynaud’s syndrome, this can be a big health concern. The syndrome affects around 20% of UK residents and causes blood vessels to spasm. When you use the radiator to warm your hands, it can be very painful.

Using underfloor heating systems will keep your whole home warm, so there is no need to make a dash for the radiator. As conventional radiators are no longer needed with underfloor heating, the risk of exposed hot surfaces causing injuries is also eliminated. This can be especially beneficial to the health of younger children.

Breathe Easier with Cleaner Air

One of the primary health benefits of underfloor heating is the increased air quality it provides in your home. For asthma sufferers, in particular, this can be especially beneficial. Traditional heating systems don’t just circulate warmth, they spread dust and moisture. The convection currents lift dust particles into the air and move them around the room, giving you chance to breathe them in.

Underfloor heating systems use radiation not convection to heat a space. This means that dust isn’t unsettled or carried around in the air, preventing further problems for people with respiratory problems. Additionally, since the system is under your floor and you won’t need conventional radiators, you reduce the places where dust can settle in your rooms.

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