The Ultimate Girls Playlist for a Roadtrip

There is nothing better than a road trip – especially one with your girls. In today’s world, we seldom take time to connect and make memories with our friends. We find it impossible to tear ourselves away from our busy and bustling lives, finding it impossible to tear ourselves away from work and our avid gym routine.

Our lives have become treadmills that seem impossible to get off, but here is the thing – it’s not. It’s actually really simple, and yes coming off the treadmill will feel strange at first but ultimately walking on a solid surface is far more fulfilling. This holiday season, take that leap and plan a getaway with your favourite girls. All you’ll need is a valid driver’s license, an updated service plan, snacks and a killer playlist.

Now that you have taken the road trip plunge and you’re almost ready to embark on an adventure with your girls there is a few little details that need to be ironed out. You’ve picked your location, the beautiful Karoo or the quaint Midlands Meander.

Now the all-important question of what are you going to snack on and what are we going to listen to need to be addressed. These are road trip essentials and everyone who has ever been on a road trip will know that these things can make or break your trip.


It’s important to remember two things when picking out snacks for a road trip. One, you are not in your normal routine your snacks don’t need to fall under your calorie count for the day – in fact you need to ditch calorie counting altogether.

Two, that doesn’t mean your snacks need to consist solely of Snicker bars, Twizzlers and Knick Knacks. A healthy balance that offers a variety of different food groups and health options should be included; peanuts and raisins, dried fruit, mixed nuts, oat bars, gummy bears, KitKat bars and Simba chips are all good options.

When preparing your road trip picnic basket, fill it with things that you will unlikely find at a gas station or farm stall, because you can always refill your snack bag at these places although there snack options are usually limited. Take snacks that don’t require specific storing requirements- so that you don’t have to have various cooler options in order to keep things fresh.


Picking a playlist is hard, you want music that everyone can enjoy, sounds easy right… wrong, finding music that everyone can enjoy is difficult. Don’t designate one DJ, just like you need to share the load of driving, so you need to share the DJ decks. Get your girlfriends to each make a playlist of their favourite road trip tracks and put them together to make one massive one – this is super helpful as you will quickly run out of tracks to play and there is nothing worse than listening to songs that you’ve killed just because you have nothing else to listen to.

A lot of destinations in Africa struggle when it comes to signal or data services, so you might not have the radio for a backup if your friend is playing dodgy tracks. Remember to also keep a variety of genres when picking your playlist – you don’t want a playlist of 1000 party tracks.

Sometimes you’ll want to zone out and admire the view, think of camps songs, sing-a-long karaoke songs, something nostalgic, classic throwbacks and even songs that inspire rap battles and guitar solos, be playful and there is no right or wrong and if don’t like what you hear it’s as easy as pressing next. But make sure when you always have the option to press next. In this case less is not more.

However, there are some songs that are compulsory for your girls trip – so make sure these are on their – once maybe even twice.

  1. Spice Girls | Wannabe ( If this doesn’t inspire a glee break out moment then you’ve got the wrong friends.)
  2. Vanessa Carlton | A Thousand Miles
  3. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Road Trippin’
  4. Whitesnake | Here I go Again
  5. Tracy Chapman | Fast Car
  6. Talking Heads | Road to Nowhere
  7. Fleetwood Mac | Everywhere
  8. Proclaimers | I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
  9. Willie Nelson | On the Road Again (guaranteed road theme song when cabin fever sets in)
  10. Sjowgrens | Seventeen

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