The Pros and Cons of Wicker Furniture

Outdoor space is often considered to be an extension of the home and therefore requires its own set of furniture in order to be a practical area to enjoy with friends and family. There are many types of outdoor furniture available these days, however, wicker is still one of the most popular materials! Here are the pros and cons of wicker furniture.

First of all, what is wicker? I have discovered it is a collective term that is used to refer to any type of woven furniture including reed, rattan, cane, sea grass, and bamboo although it is also possible to weave synthetic materials too. Wicker can be made into all sorts of shapes, most commonly you will find chairs, tables, sofa-style seating made from its woven materials.

Pros of Wicker Furniture

  • If you like the natural, organic look then wicker offers that in abundance and the natural colours will complement most flooring, rugs, and carpets.
  • Wicker furniture can have many styles as it can be left natural, it can be stained, or even painted making it very versatile and easy to integrate into your personal style.
  • Wicker complements environmentally-friendly interior design and architecture.
  • Mix and match your wicker furniture with interior trends by adding cane furniture cushions or throws to make it practical and pretty!
  • Wicker is lightweight which means it’s the perfect material for furniture which might be moved around a lot.
  • Although wicker furniture is lightweight it is very resilient and stands up well to the day to day wear and tear in a home. Wicker can withstand severe heat and the bitter cold making it perfect for garden or conservatory use.

Cons of Wicker Furniture

  • Wicker is a hard material and sitting on a bare wicker for a long time can get uncomfortable unless padded by cushions, although it is ultimately more comfortable compared to solid wood!
  • Wicker furniture can be pricey when compared to mass-produced wood or plastic furniture because each piece is made by hand.
  • Prolonged use of wicker furniture could loosen the natural fibers over time and can become uncomfortable to sit on, however, this can be repaired.
  • Wicker doesn’t do too well when left wet for long periods, it is best to cover wicker furniture to protect it from rain if being used outside.
  • There is some maintenance required to keep wicker furniture looking like new. You will need to dust and polish wicker furniture regularly to keep it clean and apply a protective lacquer to retain the strength of the materials.

The Pros and Cons of Wicker Furniture


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