The Most Stylish Royal Jewellery

Royal families all over the world have the most expensive jewels and jewellery that even some of the richest rappers can’t even compete with. From Queen Elizabeth’s crown to Empress Eugenie’s bow brooch, here’s some of the most stylish royal jewellery of all time.

The First piece is Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara. Originally belonging to Queen Mary, when her daughter in law Queen Elizabeth II (Current Queen of England) was proposed to she used it as her “something borrowed” item. However, before it could be worn on the Queen’s big day it had to be repaired as Queen Mary had previously snapped it by accident. The last-minute repair was made by the court jeweller and she wore it throughout the ceremony.

The greatest of modern necklaces and chains cannot compare to the Napoleon Diamond Necklace. After Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife Empress Josephine could not produce a male heir to the throne, he divorced her and later met the Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria. Nine months later Napoleon had Napoleon II. Napoleon gifted Marie Louise a ridiculous diamond necklace with over 60 huge diamonds on of all shapes. The necklace is now on display in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C, USA.

The masterpiece that is Iran’s Noor-Ul-Ain Tiara was designed by Harry Winston, and holds three hundred and twenty-four pink, yellow and white diamonds! The centrepiece of the tiara is a 60 Carat pink diamond which is a showstopper just on its own. The tiara is set in platinum adding to its priceless design.

Most of the French jewellery was sold to various places for huge sums of money, however, Frances Crown of Empress Eugenie has stayed in the French possession. The extremely elaborate diamond and emerald crown is now kept and housed on a display in the Louvre in Paris. The crown features fifty-six emeralds and nearly two thousand five hundred diamonds! Which is exactly why it is now featured in an art museum.

Back to the British collection with the iconic British Imperial State Crown. The impressive crown for created for King George VI in 1936 and has nearly three thousand diamonds, two hundred and seventy-three pearls, seventeen sapphires, eleven emeralds, and five rubies in it. The number of jewels alone proves why it’s a legendary piece. The piece isn’t in a museum as the Queen still wears it to this date and it is in pristine condition for an 82-year-old piece of jewellery.

Another piece of jewellery from the British collection is the Poltimore Tiara. The tiara is worn by princess Margret who is the Countess of Snowdon. She wore it at her wedding and on a few other occasions. Most of the previous pieces I spoke about are priceless, however, this piece is worth somewhere between $275,000 and $370,000. For most people that’s very much out there budget, but Berganza have some antique pieces available for a much more affordable price.

If you’d like to learn more about Royal Jewellery, check out the infographic below.



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