Review: The Coconut Collaborative Lemon Dessert Pots

I discovered the Coconut Collaborative a few years ago when looking for diary-free alternatives for delicious puddings for my husband who tries to avoid milk where possible.

The Coconut Collaborative was founded in 2014 by two guys who wanted to spread the love for the humble coconut, connecting like-minded coconut companies and producing coconut treats, all the while giving something back to the planet and its people. They work with Pur Project to plant thousands of coconut trees which in return regenerates the land and provides habitat for wildlife and income for communities.

The coconut has seen a huge rise in popularity recently as many people have inspected their diets and have decided to get on board with clean eating, dairy-free trends. Coconut milk contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that supply a host of benefits to the human body.

I recently discovered a new product in the Coconut Collaborative range ‘Little Lemon Temptations’ which launched last month. These are little pots of thick, coconut cream blended with real lemon juice for ultimate dessert satisfaction and a great palate cleanser to finish off a meal.

‘Little Lemon Temptations’ are of course free from dairy but they also contain no soya or gluten, they are packed with the goodness of coconuts and contain just 125 calories per 45g serving size. If you are someone who is looking to remove dairy from your diet but doesn’t want to miss out on pudding these make a lovely sweet treat.

I really loved the flavour of the lemon dessert pots which are super creamy, smooth and sumptuous, however, personally I would like a bigger citrus kick to offer a real contrast to the creaminess. I have to admit that I do find the small serving size a little sad as I would love to dive into a bigger portion but if you’re looking for a small treat then this is a great option.

Overall I really like the ‘Little Lemon Temptations’ dessert pots, they make a fantastic dairy-free option which everyone will want to have! I award them 4 out of 5 stars.

coconut collaborative lemon pots

coconut collaborative lemon pots



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