Review: The Brews Bros Vaping E-juices

Vlad loves to try out new vaping products so when were contacted by The Brews Bros with an offer to review a selection of their e-juice flavours he was happy to give them a go.

The Brews Bros is run by brothers Jake and Liam Addison who are based in Lincolnshire. They focus on offering Brews Shots which allows vapers to take concentrates and add VG and PG to the mix and make larger volumes of e-liquid. They also offer a Starter Kit where you can choose 3 flavours and they will send you the right amount of VG and PG to get you started.

We were sent a Brews Bros Sample Pack which features 10 different flavours including fruity, pudding and more traditional tobacco options.

  • Applack – If you love crisp. juicy apple then this is the flavour for you. Teamed with a blackcurrant sweet but tart tang this is a refreshing option.
  • Black Reserve –  This seriously named flavour is a blend of two types of tobacco for vapers who miss the flavour of a cigarette. It has a deep flavour profile but there are lighter hints of honey which make this more than just a plain old tobacco taste.
  • Cereal Killer –  If you’re a big kid at heart and love your fruity breakfast loops then this is a good choice for you as it has a great cereal flavour from a mix of concentrates that will keep you satisfied.
  • Custard Dynasty –  Vlad simply loves pudding flavours so this rich and creamy option was one of his favourites. It certainly lives up to its name with creamy caramel and a hint of biscuity flavour which gives it something extra.
  • Donut Blues – This would have been one of Vlad’s favourites if not do for the menthol icy kick as he is not a big fan of menthol, however, this flavour mixes delicious doughiness with the fresh hit of blueberries to make a classic doughnut flavour.
  • Fruit Chews – Again, if childhood favourites are your guilty pleasure than the Fruit Chews flavour is probably a good one for you with its fun fruitiness offering a sweet and refreshing vape.
  • Iced OJ – As Vlad is not a big fan of menthol he struggled with this one a little, but if you like a combination of blood orange and tangerine with some ice then this classic flavour profile is for you!
  • Iced Tropicade – If you are dreaming of your summer holiday already then look no further than the tropical temptation of this vaping flavour which is a combination of pineapple, kiwi and mango with some menthol frostiness so you can imagine you are sipping a fabulous cocktail on the beach.
  • Strawsome Shake – A popular flavour, this is a vape bursting full of strawberry sweetness teamed with creamy tones that make a classic milkshake, one of Vlad’s favourites.
  • Strawbiscuit Split – You might enjoy a cheeky banana split for pudding but have you tried a strawberry split? This vape flavour offers a delicious combination of fresh, fruity strawberries with a biscuity vanilla and satisfying cream to finish off this indulgent dessert flavour.

The Brews Bros Sample Pack has been a great way to try out some new flavours for Vlad as well as some old favourites. Being able to make up your own e-juices definitely has some benefits including flexibility to make a product that is truly personalised to your taste as well as making it more economical. We award the Brews Bros juices 4 out of 5 stars.

The Brews Bros Vapring E-juices


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