Review: The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel

I love trying new skincare products, especially if they are designed to reduce signs of ageing – I’m not as young as I used to be! I have always found products from The Body Shop to be great, so when I spotted the smart new Drops of Youth range I just had to take a look and I picked up the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel.

The Drops of Youth Liquid Peel is a hybrid between an exfoliator and a chemical peel – gently lifting dead skin cells and pollutants from the face for a fresher, brighter complexion. It comes in an easy to use pump 145ml bottle which looks very smart and grown up.

The gel-to-peel product comes in the form of a pleasantly thick gel which is gently massaged into the face for 20-30 seconds until ‘rolls’ of dead skin appear which you then rinse away. It might sound a bit off-putting – seeing your dead skin lifting from the face and sitting in clumps but it’s actually very satisfying to know the product is doing a good job!

I like to try and exfoliate regularly a couple of times a week and have found The Body Shop drops of youth liquid peel as integrated easily into my routine. After use, my skin certainly feels clean, smoother and looks brighter having gotten rid of the old skin cells and dirt which would otherwise make it appear dull.

An added bonus of using the drops of youth liquid peel to remove old skin and dirt is that any products used afterwards, such as moisturiser, are absorbed far more efficiently so you get more bang for your buck!

The Body Shop drops of youth liquid peel has been a great addition to my skincare regime and makes my skin feel fresh and clean with a more youthful glow. I find it fascinating to use and would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their skin. I award it 5 out of 5 stars and look forward to trying more of the Drops of Youth range.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Youth Liquid Peel


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