Review: Shavekit Razor Subscription

You might remember that not that long ago I reviewed a razor subscription service, and today I am taking a look at another such service this time from Shavekit who kindly sent me and my husband both a three* and five blade* kit for us to review.

Razors are one of those things that always seem to get forgotten on a shopping trip, so it’s great that there are other options out there such as subscriptions which allow you to select the frequency and type of razors you want and then deliver them to you.

Tom Harrow and Tom Walker founded Shavekit, an online subscription service for razors, in January 2014, and since then the service has grown to supply thousands of men (and some women) all across the UK.  The aim of the company is to deliver the best shave with a more convenient experience and flexible delivery options.

Shavekit offers a choice of a 3 or 5 blade razor and monthly, bimonthly or quarterly delivery options (with no commitment) with each kit containing 4 new razors (the first delivery also has the handle), and the boxes are small enough to fit through a letter box which is very handy! Postage is free.

The razors are all designed with ease in mind, for example they have an open–back architecture, for simple cleaning and are made from carbon steel which delivers a seamless, smooth shave every time.

Having used both the 3 and 5 bladed razors from Shavekit my husband discovered that if you have a large area to be shaved then the 5 blade means you don’t have to make a second pass which avoids irritation of sensitive skin, whereas the 3 blade is better for shaving tight spaces (such as under the nose) as it has a thinner top edge and smaller head which delivers added precision.

My husband, who sports a beard, commented that should he be someone who prefers a fully clean shaven look he would use both the 3 and 5 blades, the 5 bladed razor for large areas and then the 3 bladed razor to tidy up any tight spots with precision work.

Both blades offer a close shave with minimal skin irritation and tugging on the hairs. My husband’s opinion is that although the Shavekit razors dull at the same rate as other brands, they are easily as good as, or better than, products such as the Gillette Fusion which he won’t be going back to!

Vlad awards Shavekit 5 out of 5 stars and will continue to use preferentially moving forward.







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