Review: New Year, New Makeup from JustMyLook

A New Year is a great excuse for new makeup so when I was offered the chance to try some of the range of JustMyLook makeup I was super happy to get on board.

JustMyLook believes that beauty should be accessible to all. Their beauty curators are constantly seeking the latest innovations & trends, ensuring our customers are kept in the know and ahead of the curve. They offer a huge range of beauty products including hair, makeup, skincare, body & bath, nails as well as sun & tan.

For my review, I decided to go for a range of makeup including two eyeshadow palettes (one day, one evening), mascara and a colour corrector palette.

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Smoky Shades

I just love eyeshadows so it was fun picking out which palettes I wanted to try. I went for the W7 In The Night Smokey Shades 12 Colour Eyeshadow Pallet with eye-catching, vibrant colours perfect for an evening out; nudes, golds, reds, purples, greys and blacks. I particularly love the deep purples (purple is my favourite colour). The eyeshadows have a good amount of pigment and it is easy to build up layers and blend multiple colours on the lids for maximum impact. The palette comes with a handy double-ended applicator brush which makes it easy to get stuck in.

W7 Cosmetics Beat It Natural Nudes

For more of a day look I went for the W7 Cosmetics Beat It Natural Nudes 12 Colour Eyeshadow Palette which again comes with 12 eyeshadow shades including nudes, pinks and coppers which I am comfortable wearing when I am out and about on a casual day. I really love that the palette includes both matte and shimmer shades so it’s easy to mix up the finishes for unique looks. I particularly love the bronze and champagne shades which can be blended for a stylish look. Again, the palette comes with a handy double-ended applicator brush.

W7 Cosmetics Big Lash Mascara Blackest Black

I have lots of lashes but unfortunately, they are quite fair in colour which ultimately means they are a bit invisible. This means I rely on good mascara to give me bigger, fuller lashes which are important to me as I think my eyes are one of my best features! The W7 Big Lash Mascara Blackest Black has proven itself to be a reliable, easy to apply option with plenty of pigment to draw attention to my eyes. I love how chunky the mascara is making it easy to hold and apply.

Dermacol 4 Colour Corrector & Highlighter Palette

Nothing ruins my day quite like finding a blemish on my skin. Luckily, there are lots of products out there to help conceal or correct these sorts of issues like the Dermacol 4 Colour Corrector & Highlighter Palette. The palette includes fixes for covering red, blue and purple skin imperfections. Use green to neutralise redness and spider veins, the yellow corrector to hide bruises, veins and other purple and blue imperfections and lastly the nude colour evens out skin tone and covers pigment spots and some small scars. The palette also includes a highlighter which adds illumination to the complexion. This is a handy palette for covering all manner of problems!

Overall, I have been very happy both with the quality of the products and the experience of ordering and receiving them from JustMyLook. I would be happy to recommend JustMyLook to anyone looking to find new beauty products due to their extensive range and options. I award JustMyLook 5 out of 5 stars.

Makeup from JustLook

JustLook W7 EyeShadows

JustLook W7 EyeShadows