Review: New Pizza Express Chicken & Vegetable Leggera

Pizza Express launched its Leggera range in order to offer pizza lovers a lighter, healthier option in 2015. It quickly became a hit, selling 2.4 million pizzas in the restaurant each year! In May this year they launched a new range of Leggera products for pizza lovers to enjoy at home.

Providing the perfect meal for one, the new Leggera range boasts three different full of flavour varieties: Chicken & Vegetable, Prawn & Broccoli, and Squash, Kale & Goat’s Cheese all of which are served on a multi grain base made with spelt, semolina, and rye.

Having remembered trying out the Leggera pizza in the restaurant and enjoying less guilt than when having a full blown pizza, I decided to give the new at home range a try. I was able to find the Chicken & Vegetable Leggera in a local Waitrose, sadly it was the only option as the others had sold out, so it was up to my father to try the meat option and my husband tried out the new margherita gluten free pizza (he doesn’t eat grains).

The Chicken & Vegetable Leggera pizza is the perfect size for one person to enjoy, coming in at just 396 calories it’s practically guilt free! However, you don’t feel as if you are missing out because the pizza is generously covered with chicken, tomato and mozzarella with a selection of vegetables including courgette, aubergine, spinach and peppers. The ingredients are brought to life with the addition of garlic, onion, parsley, oregano, lemon zest. salt and pepper making it a flavourful experience.

My dad very much enjoyed the Chicken & Vegetable Leggera pizza and would certainly have them again. Vlad also really enjoyed his margherita gluten free pizza, which is made with rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, maize flour and buckwheat flour, topped with creamy mozzarella and passata.

We’re happy to award the new Pizza Express Chicken & Vegetable Leggera 5 out of 5 stars.

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