Review: Mpow Solar Powered Security Lights

Last year a house on our road was burgled and unfortunately, the criminals decided to escape through our back garden – smashing in our fence to get out to the main road. I was in the house alone at the time and heard the loud noise and was duly terrified. When the police arrived I told them what I had heard but I couldn’t be much more helpful.

It was then that I decided that we should ramp up the security at our house. I certainly don’t want to be in a similar position again! The first step to feeling more secure was to install security lights at the front and back of our house and when looking for a product I wanted something that would be easy to install and ideally require no mains electricity to function.

I came across the Mpow Solar Lights which seemed to offer everything I needed so I purchased a pack of 2 of their lights. Vlad was able to install them pretty quickly with only a few holes being drilled and some screws used it took only 10 minutes or so to install each one.

The security lights are powered by the solar panels on the top of the lights which makes them perfect for people like me who didn’t want to fuss around getting an electrician to install them. It also means there is no need to replace batteries which is a massive bonus; as long as they get sun during the day they will work at night.

The Mpow Solar Lights have three modes to choose from: strong long light mode, dim light sensor mode, strong light sensor mode. We have chosen the last option so that it someone comes close to our front or back doors the lights automatically switch on providing illumination for us and a deterrent for any criminals. Despite being small the Mpow Solar Lights offer a surprisingly bright light with a good space illuminated each time it comes on which is reassuring.

The security lights are designed to be used outdoors and are built to withstand exposure to the elements including rain. There are two separate seals between the internals and the back case making weatherproof.

Overall I have been impressed with the Mpow Solar Lights. They have yet to let us down, always lighting up the front door and back door without fail when motion is detected which gives me peace of mind.  I am happy to award them 5 out of 5 stars.