Review: Ivel Valley BritBits Bird Food

One of the best things I like about living in the countryside is being able to enjoy the wildlife. Last year Vlad got me a fantastic bird feeder/table for my birthday and I have enjoyed watching all the different birds coming to snack on the tasty treats I leave out for them.

I was happy when Ivel Valley got in touch to ask if I would review their new product, the BritBits. I was excited to see how the birds who visit my garden got on with something new on the bird feeder. The majority of the birds that visit my garden are sparrows, blue tits and great tits but we sometimes also get coal tits, long tailed tits, wood pigeons, blackbirds and starlings. I even once had a greater spotted woodpecker drop in for a snack!

BritBits has been developed in conjunction with an Ornithologist and is considered a ‘superfood’ bird food suet pellet due to the range of nutritious ingredients including Quinoa, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Oats and Blackcurrants. These ingredients have been added to give garden birds energy and protein all year round.

Ivel Valley spent a year testing the product on their farm to make sure they had the right balance of nutrients as well as offering a sustainable bird food made from home-grown ingredients which would produce a 100% edible pellet which does not degrade in bad weather which is a common problem in England!

I have a range of bird feeders which hand from the coat-hanger like frame including mesh bird feeders which work well with peanuts as well as the usual seed dispensers, fat ball holders and even a niger seed feeder. The BritBits pellets are perfect for using in the mesh feeders but also can be put on top of bird tables or simply sprinkled on the ground.

The birds in my garden do love suet pellets in general so the BritBits were bound to go down well and they certainly appear to be a new favourite. As an admirer of wildlife, I am happy in the knowledge that I am giving the birds that visit my garden a nutritious option which will help them remain healthy and coming back for more so that I can enjoy watching them.

I award the BritBits superfood bird food suet pellet from Ivel Valley 5 out of 5 stars and look forward to seeing how the local birds continue to enjoy them.

Ivel Valley BritBits Bird Food

Ivel Valley BritBits Bird Food


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