Review: Dirty Works Hanging Wash Bag

In the last few months, I have enjoyed two camping trips with my family. One thing you have to really make sure you do well is pack for the trip. You don’t want to be all set up with your tent only to discover you’ve left all your trousers behind (my husband did this once!).

An important item on the packing list is the wash bag – it has to contain all your toiletries for your trip and needs to be able to cope with sometimes rough conditions.

I came across the Dirty Works hanging wash bag in Sainsbury’s when I was looking for a new wash bag this year and was immediately attracted to its cute and quirky style as well as the size (26.5 x 17 x 6cm) which appeared ample to store my toiletries and few bits of makeup I tend to take with me.

Designed to keep you organised on the go the Dirty Works hanging wash bag is made up of 2 pouches and one zipped compartment. The bag’s outer layer is made of 100% PVC and the lining is 100% Polyester which means it is perfect for conditions which might get wet/ dirty as it is easy to dry off and clean.

As you can no doubt see from the photos below the hanging wash bag can certainly hold a lot of stuff! I had my shampoo/conditioner and body wash in the bag along with a few items of makeup, my moisturiser, hairbrush, perfume, face cleaning wipes, portable razor, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.

I have found the zipped compartment very handy and kept most of my toiletries there. Unfortunately, I did have a few bulky items which made it difficult to roll the bag up easily and had to re-jig the contents quite a bit to ensure that there was nothing too bulky in the middle which would stop the bag from rolling up neatly.

I really loved that I could hang the wash bag up in the cubicle which gave me more space and kept me organised when getting ready in the morning and evening. The bag was easy to keep dry and clean which was a bonus as the wash rooms can sometimes get a bit swap-like after being used by many campers!

I was very happy with the Dirty Works hanging wash bag on my trips this year and would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants a good way to keep their toiletries organised. I award it 4 out of 5 stars.

Dirty Works Hanging Wash Bag Closed

Dirty Works Hanging Wash Bag Open