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As you are well aware by now my husband is an ex-smoker who is on the straight and narrow thanks to electronic cigarettes and the safer nicotine boost which comes from vaping.

Over the last year or so he has honed his vaping preferences and now knows what he likes when it comes to e-juices thanks to trying and testing all sorts of flavours and brands.

He was lucky enough to have been sent another selection of e-juices recently from the premium Arcadia range from VIP Electronic Cigarette  (VIP Cig) you can see his notes below.

General Comments

As expected, the selection from the premium Arcadia range of e-juices all came in smart packaging and have big flavours with all having a 70 VG/30 PG ratio and being available in 3, 6 and 12mg of nicotine. Vlad currently vapes 3mg.

Vlad usually prefers to sub-ohm vape and discovered that despite being 70/30 these juices can be a bit harsh on the throat so if you prefer smoother vapes do keep this in mind, although it did not stop Vlad from enjoying these particular flavours. All of this selection produced a good amount of vapour.

Sweet Fog

VIP Cig really hit the nail on the head with the recent selection which was sent to us which included Sweet Fog, an e-juice flavoured with sweet marshmallows, smooth peanut butter and caramel cream. Vlad loves ‘pudding’ flavours and this certainly fit the bill with an almost chewy marshmallow flavour complimented by the taste of peanut – a treat for Vlad as he can’t eat them!

Pie Assassin

Vlad is also unable to eat most baked goods so Pie Assassin’s hit of freshly baked apple pie is a welcome treat. This e-juice combines classic flavours of apple pie with gooey caramel and thick double cream, perfect for anyone who craves sumptuous sweet and sticky puddings, Pie Assassin is the perfect vape after a meal and was Vlad’s favourite from this selection.

The Heretic

If you are a cookie junkie then this is the e-juice for you! The Heretic blends the warming flavour of freshly baked cinnamon cookies with the creamy taste of bananas for a sweet and spicy vape which Vlad found comforting and satisfying.

Viceberg Blue

This e-juice was Vlad’s least favourite due to the simple fact that he is not a fan of menthol flavours. Viceberg Blue teams menthol with sweet summer berries and just a touch of sharp citrus to create a flavour combination which is cooling and fresh in the mouth. This would be the perfect vape for a summer’s evening out in the garden.


Vlad’s second favourite from this selection was the berry inspired Divinity which teams blueberries with pomegranates, topped with cream. Although he couldn’t taste much of the pomegranate Vlad loved the sharp and sweetness from the blueberries perfect for cutting through the indulgent undertones of cream.

All in all, Vlad really enjoyed testing this selection from the premium Arcadia range from VIP Electronic Cigarette with their hits of spice, sugar and sharpness. He awards them 4 out of 5 stars. and would recommend them as a particularly good choice for anyone who loves ‘pudding’ flavours just like him.

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