Quick ways to update your bedroom #RenovateRedecorateInspire

Are you hankering to change up your bedroom this year with a renovation, redecoration or just perhaps splurging on some new bedding? Check out these quick ways to update your bedroom for some inspiration!


A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest – and most inexpensive – ways to revitalise your bedroom. You have two choices when looking at changing the colour of your bedroom; you can either go with a bold colour and use more toned down furniture or use neutral paint on the walls and add bursts of colour in the furnishings and finishings.

Pick one or two colours you love and then repeat the hues in vibrant artwork, bold bedding, and colourful accent to create a stylish new look. Why not go for an accent wall behind the bed in either paint or wallpaper for an extra boost.


I love bedlinen and if I had my way I would have a beautiful set for each month of the year! Simply replacing old bedding makes a world of difference to the look and the cosy feel of a bedroom.

Introduce a set of white or neutral sheets of the highest thread count, topped with a selection of texture or colour rich pillows to compliment luxury bedding for an elegant update. For finishing touches try a lightweight throw at the end of the bed, citrus tones are perfect for summer!


Texture is something that might easily get forgotten when renovating a room, the bedroom needs comfort you can feel like a furry throw in winter and cotton throw in summer. Why not try adding some tactile elements with a rug to break up the floor? I found a really nice rug with an embossed, textured design on the Modern Rugs site which fits my new bedroom’s new décor perfectly.

Try laminated plywood furniture, plastic, smooth leather, stainless steel, terrazzo flooring, and teak for a sleek modern look or for a country style go with braided rugs, worn wood, rusted metals, chenille spreads, ironstone pottery, blown glass, and ticking.


Update the finishes

Sometimes changing just a couple of things can make a big difference. Why not try adding a dramatic headboard for instant impact? There is a wide variety of headboards available at all price points or customise your existing headboard as a fun DIY project. Salvaged materials make the perfect low-cost option and add some shabby chic style.

As an alternative why not spruce up a dresser’s old drawer handles and knobs with decorative ones? Or add a lick of paint to an old bedside table? It’s a great way to personalise even the most boring or budget furniture.

Wall Decor

Adding some eye-catching pieces to your bedroom walls can help bring colour and interest. A mirror adds instant depth to a small bedroom and helps boost the natural light. When hanging a wall mirror, check the weight before buying a hook. If it’s light, picture hanging strips or a wire back picture hanger is all that’s required; they are available from 3M at hardware stores.

Unleash your creativity and add artwork or photographs to your walls. Why not print your favourite travel photos in black-and-white, frame them with different dimensions, then hang them on the wall?bedroom update ideas


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