My favourite interior trends winter 2017

I love the colder months of the year, some of my favourite things happen in winter like Christmas, the possibility of snow and not needing much encouragement to put on a big jumper and snuggle on the sofa under a blanket with my thick fluffy socks on. Hygge indeed!

When winter comes along lots of blankets and cosy things appear in my home and I love seeing what is trending for the home and how I can incorporate it into my own. Here are my favourite interior trends for winter 2017 to help inspire and encourage you to try something different this year.

Colour Blocking

Although I am very much attached to my Scandi style in my home I really do love the trend of pops of colour in specific areas around the home. Colour blocking is the perfect trend to help beat the dull and cold winter by adding excitement and warmth. Pick out a selection of contrasting shades that you love (consider the colour of your floors and furnishings) and create playful geometric graphic blocks on walls. This year has seen a trend for using teal, mustard, coral and grey-blue. Colour blocking works best when you pair with neutral tones such as whites and greys to ensure the colours don’t totally overpower the space.

Back to Nature

I love using natural materials in my home so this is a trend I can really get behind! It is easy to add natural elements to your interior design, think beautiful ceramics, jute rugs, woven lampshades and linen tablecloths. Key colours for this trend include off-whites, creams and shades of grey. Wood is the predominant material in the back to nature look, use wood flooring where you can and incorporate beautiful wooden furniture such as coffee tables, chairs and storage. Of course, adding plants is the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside, not only do plants look fantastic but they also lift the mood, clean the air and remind you of the season.


The Nineties are back with the velvet trend resurfacing this year. This sumptuous woven tufted fabric with a short dense pile is the perfect fabric for a season when snuggling in the warm is all the rage. Velvet has a luxurious look to it and is perfect to use as a big statement, say a sofa upholstered in a rich velvet fabric, or as smaller details like velvet cushions or a throw if you just want to dip your toe.  Burnt oranges, deep cranberry or soft chestnut are the colours to go for to create an opulent, warm and welcome atmosphere. Good news, velvet is practical too as it is naturally hard wearing and is available in a variety of thread compositions it suits all budgets. Check out Taskers Online for some lovely velvet furniture.

Geometric Tiles

There is something mesmerising about a stunning geometric tiled wall or floor. This winter ditch the squares and rectangles and go for a mosaic style which comes in an array of shapes, colours and sizes. This trend is super versatile as you can use them in modern and traditional homes, as a big statement with colourful eye-catching herringbone and basketweave designs or as a subtle nod with simple and elegant white tiles. The good news is that geometric tiles have a timeless quality and even when the trend fades out your home will continue to be stylish.


Be still my beating heart, my beloved monochrome is still a popular trend and I can’t get enough. My home is predominantly grey, black and white and I love it! This winter monochrome is still going strong with many brands bringing out striking new prints for the Autumn/Winter season with bold stripes and eye-catching geometrics in this colour theme. This trend has a wide spectrum of shades and tones to choose from cooler shades to warmer tones which you can mix and match to make feature walls and complimentary or contrasting furniture. Add some pops of copper such as light fittings or a statement lamp and use white pillar candles and potted plants for a stylish finish.

My favourite interior trends winter 2017


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