Luxury Office Buildings in London

Looking for luxury office buildings in Manchester or London? You’ve come to the right place. Today we will show you 5 of the best luxury office buildings in London. These buildings range from cheap to expensive, but they are all gorgeous and have their different quirks and features. Whatever your budget or style, we have office buildings for you.

eOffice London

This sleek office fitout would catch anybody with an eye for good taste. This modern office opened relatively recently, meaning it is completely furnished and up-to-date with everything you need. There are a plethora of meeting rooms and ample amount of space. What else could you need? To top it all off, you even receive high-speed internet with the office building; saving you time and money. This central London office building is a dream.


This quirky office building has the most unique and eye-catching design we’ve seen in a while. If you’re inspired by bright colours and unique prints then this is the place for you. The youthful and optimistic vibe makes this place incredibly appealing. As well as this, the lucky tenant receives a receptionist and a variety of other perks. This office building is delightful and perfect for anybody who is young-at-heart and wants to make work fun!

Farrel’s Creative Hub

Working at Farrel’s Creative Hub office building would be a joy! Especially since this office building is beautifully furnished with a complete and functioning kitchen. Furthermore, this building has ample amounts of workspace meaning you won’t have to cram in jobs with little time to perfect your process and/or end product. This space and its awesome atmosphere will make for happier employees and an overall delightful office space to work in.


It is hard to illustrate how amazing this next office building is. All I can say is that anyone would be lucky to work here. Huge windows make this place delightful. Having the ability to look out over London and see the astonishing architecture is an underrated privilege. Not only that but

it has a gigantic range of features. If you are someone looking for a place that has it all, this is for you. The fact that this building provides meeting rooms and showers, as well as bike sheds is outstanding! This property is not one to gloss over.

Soho Business Club

Looking for something more extravagant? Soho Business Club has you sorted. To start with, their furnishing is beautiful, a real sight to behold. The office design is more traditional so that might appeal to you. Their rococo furniture isn’t all they have to offer. Though the traditional atmosphere may throw you off, Soho Business club can actually be converted into a high-tech workspace. This place is ideal for a person looking for a superb mix of business and pleasure; right at your desk. It may be a little pricier than the other properties, however it is worth every penny.

Innovation @ 90 Main Yard

If your budget is a little tighter, Innovation @ 90 Main Yard might be just up your alley. Perfect for someone who wants to find a community of like-minded people. There are a variety of events held both weekly and monthly, such as book-clubs and breakfast-clubs, resulting in a real feeling of community, togetherness and belonging. To put it briefly, there is something for everyone – no matter who you are. This office building is ideal for someone who wants to make friends but also have a spacious place to work. Who knows? You could meet somebody who could make or break your business.

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