Know Before You Go – Vaping Travel Tips

If you’ve exchanged your cigarettes for a vape, you might be wondering if the same rules of etiquette still apply, especially if you’re travelling. But packing your vaporiser and accessories comes with a lot of questions. Can you pack it in your carry-on? Can you vape on a plane? What about on a train?

While the stress of travel may have you reaching for a pack of cigarettes, a vial of cheap E-liquid can cost less than half the price of a pack of cigarettes. So, pack your vape for the safest and least expensive way to get your nicotine fix and use the vaping travel tips below.


Traveling vapers should know that although the risks of E-cigs are much lower, they may be illegal in some countries. When travelling to Latin America, you should be especially concerned; vaping is illegal in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Suriname, and Uruguay.

If your travels are taking you to the Continent, E-cigs are legal in most places except for Austria, Ukraine, and Lithuania. If you find yourself in Russia, you can feel comfortable puffing away. Beneath the equator, in Australia, vape laws are ambiguous and subject to change based on area, while E-cigs are completely illegal in New Zealand, although this may change soon.

Those of us who live in or visit the UK should be aware that laws regarding tobacco and E-cigs have changed as recently as 2017. Although many people feel the new laws are unfair, E-cigs are still legal in the UK.

Can I Vape on a Plane?

Even though the vapour from E-cigs is a lot less harmful and intrusive, you shouldn’t vape on a plane. Not only is it illegal, but in those tight cabins, it’s just not polite to others. And if you think you can get away with vaping in the bathroom, you’re wrong. You’ll probably get caught, and if you set off the smoke detectors, this can be a serious criminal offence. Don’t fall victim to the myth that vapour cannot set off smoke detectors.

If you want to use your E-cig in the airport though, that’s a different story. Each airport has different rules about vaping, so check ahead of time or ask when you arrive. If you aren’t permitted to vape in the airport, there will probably be a room for smokers you can use. However, many airports like Heathrow and London City Airport, do not have smoking premises once you pass security. Check online before you arrive to see which terminals, if any, can accommodate smokers.

What Should I Pack?

The same way you can take cigarettes on an aeroplane, you can also feel comfortable packing your E-cigs. The issue is those annoying rules about liquids, and we all know how strict they are about that at Heathrow.

If you’re flying with your E-cig, make sure your E-liquid bottles and cartridges contain less than 100 ml of liquid. In fact, if your bottle contains less than this, but is made to hold more than 100 ml, there’s a good chance they’ll confiscate it anyway. Some airports don’t mind how much liquid you bring if no one container exceeds 100 ml, while other airports will not permit you to have more than 100 ml total. Make sure you pack your E-liquid in a clear, plastic bag to avoid a holdup at security.

You should keep in mind the changes in pressure as your aeroplane ascends or descends can cause your bottles to leak, so make sure the lids are screwed on tight and pack them with some paper towels just in case. If you have glass bottles, pack them in your carry-on, because the cargo area of a plane is not pressurized. This means the dramatic changes in pressure could cause glass bottles to crack or shatter. The last thing you want is your jeans covered in custard E-liquid.

According to international law, you cannot pack your vape in your luggage. If you’re travelling with your E-cig, make sure it’s in your carry on. Some airlines require you to disassemble your E-cig to ensure you won’t be smoking in-flight.

You should also know it is illegal to have batteries in your luggage in general, so any batteries you need for your vape should be carried on your person. This means you cannot even put batteries in your carry-on or in the overhead bin once you get on the plane. Some airlines might require you to keep your batteries in a special case to avoid a fire hazard. Charging your E-cig on a plane is illegal too, so if you want a quick puff after landing, plan ahead and charge your vape before you leave for the airport.

Can I Vape on a Train?

Vaping on a train is a different story. For one, you won’t have to worry about leaks or the limited amount of E-liquid you bring with you, while frequent stops mean you can take a vape break outside. Although people sometimes vape on trains, it’s certainly frowned upon if not outright illegal. In fact, it’s illegal in many countries; both the U.S. and the UK have made vaping on trains completely illegal.

Gotta Do Your Homework

The best advice you can get when travelling with your E-cigs is to do your research ahead of time. Different countries may have laws about E-cigs that vary greatly. With a little preparation, you can avoid breaking laws or being culturally offensive.

Even though travel can be stressful, don’t fall back on your old cigarette habits. Safely pack your E-cig, E-juice, mod, batteries, charger, and anything else you usually use for your vaping needs in your carry on.

Identify safe spaces to smoke in the airport ahead of time or else you should start practising going for long periods of time without your vape. No one wants to be caught in 13 hours of travel with no access to nicotine when you need it. That kind of stress is hardly the way to start your vacation or business trip. If you still have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to your favourite vape shop with your concerns.

Do your homework and come prepared so you can kick back and puff on some Smurf Cake with no worries.


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