Keep your Jacket in top condition this winter

Winter weather can be hard on our clothes, particularly our jackets and coats which have to brave the bad conditions so we don’t have to. I have to admit I don’t always take the best care of my jacket, it often gets muddy and wet when I am out in the countryside walking my dog and I do feel pretty guilty about it!

Luckily there is a lot of good advice out there to help keep your jacket in tip-top condition, check out these tips below:

  • Where possible apply a water-resistant spray to your jacket to give the fabric of your jacket extra protection
  • Be sure to allow your jacket to dry after use in the rain, this will avoid the material being damaged by lengthy exposure to moisture.
  • If your jacket becomes dirty, say from mud, make sure you clean it off with an appropriate tool as soon as you can to avoid it becoming harder to remove later. Some fabrics (like suede) do not like water so be sure to check before cleaning.
  • If you can wash your jacket in the washing machine make sure you’ve closed all zips and taken everything out of the pockets to avoid damage. Read the label before machine washing for specific conditions.
  • Some jackets would benefit from a dry clean every 6 months or so. Consider this especially if your jacket is made from wool or leather.

For more information check out Superdry’s Ultimate Jacket Care Guide below:


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