Introducing Pal

When I was working in London it seemed that every day there was a lunch with colleges, new employees to meet and after work fun planned. I have to admit that now that I am working from home I don’t really tend to go out much during the day except to walk my dog! This makes it harder to make new friends and take part in local activities at times when I am not working.

I was recently introduced to a new app which lets you find local people who want to make new friends and gives you the chance to create and join in local events and activities. Pal is a new app available to download from the Apple Store and the Play Store for free.

Pal describes itself as a new way meet people around you, join or create activities and make new friends. It is free to use and is quick and easy to set up, especially if you sign up via your Facebook account, just add in the extra information and choose your interests and preferences.

Once you are set up you will see your Pal Feed which lists local people and their planned activities around you. It is easy to invite your current friends to join via WhatsApp, social media, SMS and Email. If there’s nothing you fancy on your feed you can perform a search. Once you find an activity you fancy getting involved in you apply to join the activity. The host will then consider your request and will (hopefully) accept you to take part!

Of course, you can also start your own activities and wait for other people to apply to join you. Once you have found new friends you can use the chat function on the app to keep in touch. Check out the below video to see for yourself.

I like the idea behind Pal. It helps people to find local things to do and helps to make new friends. If you’re bored and fancy getting out of the house it makes it easy to find someone to have a drink with, to join a group of people going to the cinema or even host a games night at your place.

For more information and to sign up and test the app out for yourself go to