Get “Tooled Up” and Enjoy DIY Success

Whether you are simply hanging a picture or fitting a new kitchen, having the right tools is crucial to the success of your project. Do-it-yourself and up-cycling are more popular than they have ever been and so join the DIY brigade, save some money and wallow in self-satisfaction.

Let’s Get This Straight – Hanging a Picture

One of the most commonly undertaken DIY tasks is hanging a painting, photograph or other framed examples of artistic frolics. A simple task, there is no denying, but, even to do this successfully takes a little know-how and some good quality tools.

First, you will need a tape measure and pencil to plot where exactly on the wall you will place the picture hook – this is particularly important if you have a heavy frame or a canvas and are using more than one hook.

Once you have marked where the hooks will go, you then need a hammer to knock in the pins that will hold up the hooks. Having done that you can hang your picture, using a spirit level to ensure that you have it perfectly straight.

Using quality tools from companies like Travis Perkins, even for small jobs like this is recommended and will make the process easier – the same applies to bigger jobs.

The Main Course – Fitting a Kitchen

Many people now choose to fit their own kitchen and it isn’t a scary as it may sound, especially if you have the right tools.

To start with, you’ll need a drill (preferably cordless). A good drill is, for many DIY fanatics, the most important tool in their arsenal and this is because they are now so versatile – make holes in wood, metal or masonry, use a screwdriver or wire brush by changing the attachment.

In addition, a good hand toolset that includes screwdrivers, pliers and wire cutters will also make life much easier and buying them as a boxset will mean you are less likely to lose them.

As with hanging a picture frame, you’ll also need a tape measure, spirit level and a set square may also come in handy. Finally, depending on the type of kitchen you have bought, you may need a saw – cordless circular or jigsaw are what are most commonly used for DIYing.

With the right tools, a little research and some level of application, anything is possible and so get tooled up.

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