Electronic Cigarettes Guide

When you first start out vaping there is a lot to learn! There are many products out there on the market these days and it can be confusing to decide what you should go for. There are lots of beginner kits you can pick up but if you want something a bit more, what should you choose? This is my guide to the different types of Electronic Cigarette to help you make a choice.

The Disposable E-Cig

The most basic of e-cigarettes the disposable option is just that, disposable! They are discarded after use and are usually the size of a normal cigarette which makes them an easy starter device for most smokers looking to quit. They are small and light which makes them discrete to use and are relatively cheap – but of course you will need to keep replacing them just like normal cigarettes. Disposables come ready to smoke and require no assembly. The flavours for disposables are predominantly tobacco themed but there are others available.

They mainly appeal to those who don’t want to have to plug in their electronic cigarette (disposables are not rechargeable) or those who don’t want to spend too much for their first try at vaping.  When compared to other more advanced e-cigarettes disposables do not offer the same flavour or volume of vapour and cannot be upgraded or modified. However, if you are just starting out on your vaping journey then disposable e-cigarettes make a good transition option.

Rechargeable E-Cigs

If you are looking for a longer-term product then the two or three piece e-cigarette is the next step up. These rechargeable e-cigarettes provide a better vaping experience than the disposable options and there is more variety and flexibility available.

The two-piece, considered a mid-range option, comes with a rechargeable battery (USB) and an atomiser which holds a cartridge which screws onto the battery. This e-cigarette produces better flavour and vapour volume and are easy to set up and use with little maintenance required. Kits are becoming less and less expensive these days and each cartridge represents 1.5-2 packs of traditional cigarettes, lasting between about 300-400 puffs.

The three piece is considered a simpler design;  a rechargeable battery and cable, a clearomizer (which you fill with your chosen e-juice) and a drip section at the end that is used for inhalation. The big advantage of this design is that you can replace the atomizer when you like, separately from the tank itself and the user has the ability to adapt the voltage in order to get a stronger throat hit and more vapour production.

A three piece e-cigarette is considered to be a mid-sized device roughly the same size as a cigar and are often called ‘vape pens’ because they look like pens! When compared to disposables and two-piece e-cigarettes there are many advantages including improved battery life, more vapour production and a larger range of e-juices to try. They are a bit more pricey than the disposable or two-piece but well worth it.

AYR Smart E-cig

New to the market is the AYR vaping device which looks to offer the very first vaping device which both automatically refills and recharges itself! I like to think of the AYR as a Smart e-cigarette as it comes with new features which make it easy to set up and get going as well as track your usage. Amazingly the ARY monitors its own condition and lets you know when a replacement is required which handy.

The vaporiser/e-cigarette is dispensed from the case with a simple touch and looks very much like a disposable e-cigarette with a modern elegance to its design. The device refills and recharges automatically when in the convenient functional carry case which uses a hassle-free replacement system which means no spills or leaks. The game changer, in my opinion, is that you can see how much you have vaped during a session, check your power, level of liquid or activate the discreet mode for a subtle vape via its app, which is something I’ve never seen with an e-cigarette before.


If you want further options, flexibility and a richer experience it is worth looking into an advanced option commonly called a ‘mod’, as a seasoned vaper my husband prefers these. There are two main categories: Above-Ohm (Ohm is the unit of electrical resistance), with the resistance of over 1 Ohm and Sub-Ohm tanks, with the resistance of under 1 Ohm. Sub-Ohm vaping achieves the largest vapour clouds and produces a more robust flavour which makes them very popular, however, it requires more battery power and burns through e-liquid faster.

There is a wide range of Mods available, coming in different sizes and shapes and come with a high degree of customisable options and detailed (usually electronically displayed) controls which allow you to configure your device to your personal preferences. For example, the voltage or wattage settings can be adjusted to produce a higher volume of vapour produced. There are many kits available which come with everything you need.



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