5 ways to create a serene home sanctuary

Modern lives are busy and stressful so it is important to schedule some downtime to unwind and relax. Having a calm space in your home where you can chill out with a cup of tea or a good book for a few minutes every day is crucial to happiness levels, so here are 5 ways to create a sanctuary in your home.


It’s amazing what effect colour has on the human brain! Colour impacts us an emotional, psychological and physical level. When you are planning your sanctuary space make sure you focus on a soft, neutral palette, so everything becomes harmonious. Now, don’t think that this means it will be a boring, blank space. Try earthy greens and soft blues or lilac to make a serene space and calming mood.


If you enjoy meditation or mindfulness exercises then having something to focus on in your sanctuary is a great way to shift focus from all the crazy thoughts running through your head. I really enjoy having the sound of water or rain when I am meditating. A water feature makes a great addition to your space as it provides both visual and auditory impact. Wall-mounted water features like those from Luxe Water Walls are perfect for a small, cosy space.


Why not add some character to your sanctuary by using different textures? Use natural elements to foster a sense of inner calm and peace; we are designed to appreciate the natural beauty! Rustic woods and natural accent pieces offer a charming appeal so why not bring the outside in with driftwood, leaves, acorns, seashells, flowers etc. to encourage a space of serenity. Make your space feel cosy by adding blankets, cushions and rugs in different fabrics to your space.  Bean bag chairs are great seating options for a comfortable, relaxing space.


As I already mentioned bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to add positive vibes in your sanctuary so why not add a botanical boost? Plants help to clean and re-oxygenate the indoor which is perfect for a space designed to make you feel better! There are a stunning array of leaf colours and textures to brighten spirits. Leafy plants create softness, especially whimsical ferns which are also easy to look after. Why not add some lovely fragrances to your sanctuary with scented geraniums, lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus or gardenia?


The whole point of creating a sanctuary is to get away from the stresses of life so make it a tech-free zone! Research shows unplugging can improve your mental wellness so turn off your phone and remove any screens from the space. A calming, tech-free, happier space will truly enable you to get some quality down time and allow you to unwind in peace.

Modern lives are busy & stressful so having space in your home where you can unwind is crucial to happiness! Here are 5 ways to create a sanctuary in your home.