5 Reasons to get an Electric or Hybrid Car

Last year both my mother and my sister decided to splurge on a new car having had their old cars for a long time. Both of them decided to go for the Toyota Yaris Hybrid making them the first in the family to choose a hybrid car which was exciting!

More and more car manufacturers are coming out with hybrid and electric versions of their cars as more and more people decide to choose something more eco-friendly. Check out these 5 reasons why you should consider an alternative car.

More Eco-friendly

If you want to reduce your impact on the earth then the environmental bonuses which come along with hybrid and electric cars may be important to you. Regular cars burn fossil fuels which result in the production of carbon dioxide which is a poisonous greenhouse gas which heats up the surface of the earth and contribute to global warming. Hybrids emit less pollution than standard vehicles, in fact, compact hybrid cars produce on average 10% fewer emissions than their conventional counterparts. Bigger mid-sized hybrids, SUVs and full-size SUVs produce on average 15%,19% and 21%, fewer emissions respectively compared their fossil fuel guzzling counterparts.

Lower Fuel Costs

One of the obvious things when it comes to benefits from electric or hybrid cars is that you will be consuming much less (or no) petrol which will really add up! If you are fed up with fuel prices rising then it might be worth looking into the alternatives. Hybrid vehicles are known for getting exceptional fuel economy since they run on both electricity and fuel. A Toyota Prius can run at 54 mpg in the city and 5 mpg on the highway. Most hybrid cars can go for about 550 miles before needing more fuel as it will run on the battery as much as it can to conserve petrol. No more burning fuel to sit still in traffic with the engine idling! Of course, if you have a 100% electric car then you don’t need petrol at all, instead, you will be plugging into re-charge. A full charge is unlikely to cost more than £3.40 which will give you 100 miles range! There are many options available for this including the NewMotion charging station.

Lower Running Costs

As well as dramatically reducing the cost of fuel there are other financial benefits to owning a hybrid or electric car. Surprisingly there are a number of insurance companies who offer generous discounts to those who drive electric or hybrid vehicles because of their positive impact on the environment. Another bonus is that the amount of car tax you have to pay is much lower because the tax is based on the amount of CO2 emissions that the car produces. Hybrid vehicles are usually three to four tax bands lower than standard cars! If you live in or near to London it is good to know that many hybrid vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge.

A car to fit your lifestyle

The increasing popularity of electric-powered vehicles means there is now a wide range of brands that offer electric and hybrid cars so you are sure to find a model to fit your particular needs. Many hybrid cars have been designed for use by a family and come with an impressive list of family-friendly features. Check out the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid for great family-friendly options. While acceleration isn’t as quick as a petrol car, hybrids offer smooth driving (the shift between the gas engine and electric motor is usually seamless) and are super-quiet which are great bonuses.

Added Features

Being technologically more advanced than their fossil-fuelled counterparts hybrid and electric cars tend to come with innovative and advanced features which make your life easier. Features like advanced sound systems and keyless entry (perfect for anyone who hates fiddling around with keys) are common. Due to the advanced technology of a hybrid or electric car the depreciation is less than a petrol or diesel car so you will be happy to hear you will have much better resale value!

5 Reasons to get an Electric or Hybrid Car


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