5 boy’s bedroom ideas your child will love

Chances are your son already has a wild imagination. As a parent, you will want to encourage this, and with a bit of creativity and elbow work, you can transform his bedroom into the ultimate fantasyland. Such a process can be immensely fun and exciting. Here are some of our favourites.

The sports arena

If your son has collected enough premier league shirts to resemble a Turkish market stall, then the likelihood is he’s crazy about sports. Why not have a feature wall painted in the form of a bird’s eye view of a football pitch? It’s such a simple idea, one very easy to implement, that’ll look great. If you want something a bit more… beyond your capabilities as a painter, then maybe invest in some wallpaper. There are plenty of designs available that graphically depict the enormous span of the stadiums, making it look like you’re in the stands. Then top it off with a football shaped rug, a football embellished duvet and lampshade, and of course, a real, physical football (for display purposes only – you don’t want him kicking it in the house!).

The intergalactic adventure

We were all astronomers growing up, even in our plain, mundane four walls, we all dreamed of going to the stars. Nowadays, there are some astonishingly good wallpapers that give the impression of rocketing through the solar system. Space mobiles, depicting the planets, still look awesome, even if we begrudgingly acknowledge they belong above a crib (though we’d still have them if it was socially acceptable). The intergalactic adventure can take on many impressions. Establish the room so you look like a traveller, floating through space, or looking out from the inside of a spaceship. Remember to ask your child before you sit on their rocket-chair, you’re probably too big.

The lost world

Dinosaurs are another unique niche that seems ever so popular in the imagination of boys. In addition to the extreme abundance of dinosaur-themed wallpaper and bedsheets, you could also tie in a ‘lost world’ relevancy to create a bigger picture. Houseplants help establish that jungle-ey feel, so can an illuminated globe with a deliberately archaic design – that doubles as a night-light. Contrast the green on the skin of the tyrannosaur-smashing-through-the-room 3D wallpaper and the plants with a dark wooden table and brown rug, coupled with some plastic dinosaur bones and ancient looking scrapbooks for him to scribble in.

On the road

As the sheer abundance of race car beds reminds us, car-themed bedrooms are still popular with children. Though some have morphed from looking like life in the fast lane to being stuck in the garage for repairs, to being displayed in a showroom before wanting customers. A mechanic’s workbench can double up as a desk, and the bedposts can even resemble an old-fashioned car wash. It’s a slightly more expensive take on the other designs, but a great one to go for.

The rock and roll star

If your son is just starting to play a musical instrument, the first thing you’ll want to do is soundproof – just kidding. Like with the race car bedroom, there are multiple paths to go down here. From imitation record stores, guitar showrooms, the onstage presence itself. If you want to save money but achieve a similar effect, paint some music notation (for a meaningful song to make it that bit cleverer), complete with the famous Abbey Road cover bedside. They will still love it. Let your boy’s fantasy become a reality, starting with the great selection of children’s beds available at Childrensbedshop.co.uk.

5 boy’s bedroom ideas your child will love


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