10 things for your new home

If you have just moved to your new home or you have just begun figuring out exactly what needs to be done, then you might be thinking about which things you still need to buy. Before your house can feel like your home, here are 10 products you need to purchase.

New Bed And Mattress

To make a home really feel like your home it needs to be comfortable. That means no more lying on an uncomfortable bed or mattress which you have had for the last 15 years. Instead, invest in a Tempur Bed and Tempur Mattress. The Tempur products are designed to offer comfort, reduce pressure and support your body as you sleep.

If you are unpacking and spending hours making sure that the house is perfect then you need to know that you can have a great night’s sleep. Relax in a well designed, great quality mattress and bed that will help you to forget your to-do list at least until the morning.

Bin Liners

When moving home you normally get the chance to sort through clutter that is usually left at the bottom of the wardrobe to be worried about in 40 years time. With this in mind you might find that the amount of rubbish you have increases rapidly. As you sort through your clutter bin liners will be essential, if you think you will have too much for the bin to handle consider hiring a skip from a company like this one. From bagging stuff for charity to binning stuff for good, remember to buy bin liners.

Bath Mat

This might be the one item you decided to leave behind because you didn’t need it anymore. However, when you arrive at your new home for a shower or bath and realise you are going to be stepping out onto the cold bathroom floor whilst spilling water again, you might regret your decision.

Flash Light

Power cuts shouldn’t be a frequent thing in your new home depending on where you live. However, if power cuts do ever happen in your home overnight you want to make sure that you are not stranded. Make sure that you have torches, flashlights and whatever else you need somewhere easily accessible so that you can use them when you need them.


Not every home needs a doorbell or a door knock but sometimes moving house means you are upgrading to make sure everyone has enough room. This means a bigger house and less chance of hearing someone knock at the door. Make sure you don’t miss your new neighbours coming over to welcome you to the neighbourhood, install a doorbell.

Picture Frames

Trying to make this new house feel like a home might mean that you need to decorate the rooms with pictures and memories of your family, friends and loved ones. Choosing new picture frames that match each room and work perfectly with the pictures can be a fun activity for the kids and really add warmth to your home.


Not only do plants add light, colour and fresh air to a room, they can also add fragrances which make each room different. Try not to go all out buying plants at first because having to water them everyday can be a lot of work at the start. However, once you get into a routine they can bring light to each room.

Cushions And Blankets

To make your new home extra cosy it is a good idea to purchase some cushions and blankets for beds and sofas. If you have kids this will keep them warm at night and cosy in their new rooms which might seem dark and mysterious at first.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are essential in order to get your new house in tip top condition. No matter if your family has moved into a newly built home or a pre-owned home, you might find dust and dirt that needs to be cleaned before you can start unpacking. If you are unsure of which products to buy maybe start with bleach, dusters and disinfectant.

Toilet Paper

This is the one item that you really don’t want to forget. Let’s just leave it at that!

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